7 Things Dogs Can Teach Us about Love and Life

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Dogs are selfless creatures that bring joy and happiness into the lives of their humans.

Among all animals, dogs have the most valuable lessons to teach us about life and love.

I have grown up in a multi-pet household and have learned something new from my pups every day from compassion, loyalty, faithfulness to living in the moment.

Here are 7 of those lessons that we can implement in our lives to bring about more positivity and change our lives for the better:

1. Love Unconditionally


Dogs have so much to teach about compassion and devotion.

I have seen these furry companions love their owners even when they have been subjected to neglect or abandonment.

No matter whether you are rich or not, get him expensive or low-cost dog food, your pup will love you the same.

He wouldn’t care if you are flunking on a test, messed up at work or aren’t in a good mood; your pooch will be by your side to support you no matter what.

2. Be Faithful and Reliable


Undoubtedly no creature can teach more about loyalty than dogs.

In my personal experience of volunteering at the shelter, I have seen many of the abandoned ones escape only to run back to their homes.

History is full of stories about furry companions like Hachiko who went to the train station each day after his owner didn’t return or Capitan who used to spend time at the graveyard after the death of his owner.

Our pups teach us the importance of being dependable in lives and standing by those who love us no matter how difficult it gets.

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3. Mindfulness is Important


Our dogs live in the moment. They don’t worry about what is going to happen the next moment; they don’t care if you promise to go for a walk tomorrow, all they care about is what you do today.

At times we humans spend too much time worrying about the future that we forget to experience our surroundings fully.

We need to master the art of living the present whole-heartedly without being terrified of the unknown.

4. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones


Life today is getting busier and chaotic each passing day. At times we get so caught up that we forget the importance of spending time with those we love. Our dogs, on the other hand, wait all day for us to come home.

They greet us at the door with wagging tails and perked up ears and spend the rest of their day cuddling and playing with their humans.

It teaches us how crucial it is to make time for our friends and family.

A few kind gestures and moments of sharing the joy with our loved ones can make all the difference in the world.

5. Accept Yourself for Who You Are


The best part about dogs is that each one is unique from the other. Different breeds have varying features, coats, and sizes.

Not just this, even litter mates differ from each other in their temperament, likes and dislikes. However, each dog is happy the way he is.

They don’t wish to change themselves and are content the way they are created.

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On the other hand, we humans are always trying to match the standards set for superficial perfection, although that is not the way it should be.

The beauty of life is in accepting ourselves for who we are and being proud of it.

6. Be Kind towards all Creatures


Growing up in a multi-pet house, I saw my dogs caring for every creature in the house from the cats to the birds.

Once someone left our pet cockatiel’s cage door open, I almost had a heart-attack when I returned home, but that is when I saw my dog Charlie sitting inside his crate quietly.

Charlie was trained to stay away from Mr. birdie, and that is what he did.

Not just that, he was very kind to all rescue kittens that came to our house.

No matter how powerful we are, we must be compassionate towards others particularly those who are weaker than us.

7. Don’t Let Ego Affect Your Relationships


Dogs don’t hold up grudges in their heart. They care about love without letting ego come in the way of their relationships.

Life is too short to allow our egos stop us from loving those around us. Let’s vouch to spread love and kindness all around and to give back to our furry companions.

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