12 Cute Miniature Dog Breeds

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Before, large dog breeds were popular. Most homes have huskies, German shepherds, Dobermans, Labradors, golden retrievers, Alaskan malamutes, and more. 

Today, having miniature dog breeds at home is a trend. Unlike large breeds, small dogs cost less to feed.

They are easier to cuddle, simple to transport, convenient to keep on a leash, and fun to groom.

But with the variety of options to pick, what are the best choices to consider? You came to the right place. Here are top 12 miniature dog breeds to try: 

1. Pomeranian 


Are you searching for a miniature dog breed? Don’t look further than a Pomeranian.

Aside from the small size, this teacup breed is friendly, playful, active, and extrovert.

They can easily socialize with other pets. As a great lap dog, Pomeranian is loving and caring.

They are a good companion that can change your life. They can make you relaxed after a long and stressful day in the office.

That’s not all! Pomeranians can be your reliable watchdogs as they are vivacious, bright, and attentive.

Don’t be deceived by their size. Once they sense something suspicious, they can alert you right away. 

2. Poodle 


Another miniature dog breed is a poodle. Like Pomeranians, they are known for athleticism, sociability, and intelligence.

While their counterparts weigh a maximum of 70 pounds, teacup poodles are only around 4 pounds.

While huskies often shed, this breed is far different. They are low shedders.

Their curled coats, for example, do not drop much hair, making poodles the perfect breed for pet owners with serious allergies.

Miniature poodles are usually available in solid colors. There are red, cream, black, silver, gray, blue, white, and brown poodles.

Plus, they are easy to train. But it takes time and effort before this breed learns a skill. 

3. Beagle


Yes, they lack in size. But miniature beagles are energetic, friendly, and affectionate.

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Weighing around 15 pounds, this size is not common in teacup beagles.

Unlike poodles and Pomeranians, beagles might be stubborn in terms of obedience training.

As a pet owner, you have to be patient and committed to teaching your dog. To make your life easier, provide your beagle with fun games and delicious treats.

They are always happy and extremely intelligent. They love kids and have low-maintenance coats. They are also a caring and loyal companion you can ever have. 

4. Maltese 


Another miniature breed is Maltese. Suitable for small apartments, Maltese is also perfect for big homes.

Light shedders, this breed is an acceptable pet for owners with severe allergies.

When it comes to personality, they are gentle, responsive, affectionate, sociable, and intelligent.

They are playful, lively, and vigorous, making every training fun and simple.

Maltese has also been considered one of the oldest breeds in the world.

Experts believed that the breed was royalty before. The variety of Maltese weighs around 2 or 4 pounds.

With their low energy and small size, Maltese is perfect for those who want a companion to cuddle. 

5. Pomsky


You’ve probably heard of Pomsky before. But what makes this breed unique from others?

Well, Pomsky is the result of breeding a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.

They are energetic, intelligent, loving, and extrovert, making this breed a go-to option for many pet owners.

Since they are full of energy, make sure to provide plenty of fun exercises.

Aside from morning walks, provide them with safe toys. Also, don’t leave them at home alone because they can be destructive.

Proper training can help minimize this undesirable behavior.

In terms of grooming, they need daily brushing to maintain their long and silky hair. 

6. Yorkshire Terrier 


The standard small size of Yorkshire terriers has been popular for pet owners.

On the other hand, the teacup variety has become a favorite for beginners and experienced pet owners.

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Weighing 2 to 3 pounds, these tiny dogs have big personalities. They are likely to be confident, vocal, and protective.

They are loving and loyal to their families, as well. They are domineering, feisty, and energetic.

They want lots of attention, so don’t leave them alone at home.

Despite the size, they can also become a good watchdog. They can be barkers, but proper training can correct the behavior. 

7. Bichon Frise 


With a baby doll face, compact body, and fluffy white hair, Bichon Frise is an appealing breed.

Often mistaken for poodles, Bichon Frise is far different. They are white with a black nose and black eyes.

They have arched necks, giving them a confident look. When you’re on the lookout for a family pet, Bichon Frise is worth the cost.

They are always happy. But when they are left alone for a long period of time, they can be aggressive and wild.

Like the other teacup dog breeds in this list, Bichon Frise does not shed a couple of times.

For that reason, this dog breed is a great choice for people with allergies. 

8. Chihuahua 


Every dog breed can become defensive and fearful. Chihuahua is no exception, so proper socialization and training should not be overlooked.

When properly trained, the chihuahua is loving, friendly, and loyal. What else?

They are also fast and intelligent learners. But teaching this breed does not happen overnight.

It is also a long process. Also, give them mental stimulation and regular exercise.

If you don’t know how to get started, contact a reliable pet trainer to enjoy immediate and quality results. 

9. Pug 

miniature dog breeds pug 1

What are apartment dogs to weigh in mind today? Teacup pugs will be your best bet.

Aside from the small stature, this miniature breed has low exercise needs and chill demeanor.

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Teacup pugs are also ideal for other small living spaces. While some can be stubborn, they are intelligent.

They respond to training, especially when given a delicious and flavorful treat.

They are a good companion that you’d love to cuddle every day. Also, the colors usually include fawn and black. 

10. Shih Tzus 


Regarded as divas of teacup dog breeds, Shih Tzus are known to be athletic. Under their smooth and silky hair, Shih Tzus have muscular bodies.

They were traditionally trained for agility courses. But avoid strenuous activities to protect them from stress and breathing issues.

What makes Shih Tzus popular among families is that they are affectionate with children.

They easily socialize with other dogs. But the absence of proper training can make them destructive and aggressive. 

11. Brussels Griffon 


Originated in Belgium, Brussels Griffon was bred as a terrier to hunt rodents. Now, they are eye-catching pets. 

Standing around 7 inches, Brussels griffon can weigh at least 7 pounds. They have rough and smooth coat types. 

This miniature breed is loyal to pet owners. They don’t enjoy being around the kids. But they get along well with other small or large breeds. 

They are smart and sensitive. Sometimes, they get stubborn. Therefore, trainers need to be patient and dedicated. 

12. Papillon 


Papillon is another teacup dog breed you shouldn’t miss. They normally have upright ears. But some papillons have dropped ears.

Weighing around 7 pounds, this breed is self-assured and friendly.

However, proper socialization and obedience training can play a critical role.

Considered a great companion for pet owners, Papillon is intelligent and energetic.

They love agility activities and delicious treats, too. When they show signs of aggressive behavior, consult a specialist right away for further details. 

So, what’s your choice? Before anything else, identify your needs and requirements. This makes the selection simple, fun, and easy. 

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