7 Golden Retriever Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Getting a dog is just a way of adding another family member. They are the creatures even after thousands of years of companionship, continue to amaze humans with the love, loyalty, and support they offer.

Even the most popular breed, Golden Retrievers, are mesmerizing to us, and we end up developing a curiosity about them and always wishing to know more about those adorable friends of ours.

With this in mind, here are some Golden Retriever Puppies Facts that may also answer some of the intriguing questions often arising in our minds.

About the breed


Back in the 1800s, two different breeds, Tweed Water Spaniel and Yellow Flat-Coated Retriever were crossbred, and the crossbred one began to be called the golden retriever. Tweed Water Spaniels have gone extinct today.

1. Born therapists

Golden Retrievers are a species that are natural healers for humans. Their magic is such that one look at them, holding them close or playing with them can calm our anxieties. When the golden retriever puppies grow up, they often become therapy dogs.

The reason for them being the cure to our depression is that they are lovingly loyal, obedient and can form strong bonds with humans.

2. Goldens have fur in two layers


One of the critical Golden Retriever Puppies Facts is that they have fur in two layers. The outer layer keeps them waterproof while the inner layer of fur is to maintain warmth.

When the puppies grow up, the color of the fur gradually darkens. To ascertain what color the adult dog will have by looking at the newborn pup, you need to look at the color at the tip of their ears.

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3. Multi Talented Dogs


The golden retrievers are best known for their high tolerance to pain. They are capable of tolerating more injuries than any other dog.

Their sense of smell is much highly developed than most other dogs. Their strong scenting capabilities and pain tolerance are the major reasons they are included in the rescue forces, hunting operations, and police teams.

Moreover, they are excellent swimmers with their toes that have large webbing’s between them and a tail long enough to help in steering.

They have excellent reflexes, and thus they make for fantastic sport and play partners. As long as you are enjoying it, it can be guaranteed that they will enjoy it too.

4. They are highly presentable


On some occasions, these pups will have innocent eyes, goofy grins, and silly cute looks, while other times, they might look wiser than their age, deep and thinking brown eyes, and stoic beings.

All of this will only make them look cuter, and thus their humans are always incapable of not taking loads of their pictures and putting them up on Instagram every day.

Their cuteness is added by the fact that little pups have shorter front limbs than their hind limbs. This unique feature of theirs makes them look highly adorable.

Your home could become a photo gallery with beautiful and attractive pictures of your pup all over the walls. Thus, with these puppies, your home, social media accounts, and your personality overall becomes very presentable. 

5. The risks associated with owning a golden retriever


What you must know as Golden Retriever Puppies Factsis that they are vulnerable to several health issues. These health problems include eye problems, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.

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This might require you to taking them to a veterinary doctor and getting your best friend treated adequately. Seeing them sick and not even able to express their pain in the language, you best understand can be tough.

Hence it is advised that you keep patience and stay calm during such a crisis.

The overall cost of having a golden retriever could be around $13,000 for the entire lifespan of it, which is about ten years.

6. Amiable nature


Many of us had those morbid experiences when guests were home, and we called our pet by name, requested him, pleaded him, but he didn’t come out and got along with the guests.

However, this will never be the case with golden retrievers. They have this temperament of getting along with everybody and becoming a favorite of kids, adults, older people, and even other animals.

Their friendly nature makes them greet almost any stranger they meet. This means that they are not the best choice if you are looking for a guard dog or watchdog as they are so welcoming.

7. They love unconditionally


Having a golden retriever friend and family by your side, you will never feel the lack of love in your life. This is probably the reason they are so popular around us.

They will never run out of love for you and would also demand the same from your with their gleaming eyes.

Having a companion who is playful, courageous, loving, and foolishly welcoming and friendly could be the reason so much happiness in the world.

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