5 Yorkie Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies aren’t only cute, but they have a great personality in a tiny package.

If you have limited space at your home, then these puppies can fit comfortably in your space.

If you are planning to get a Yorkshire Terrier from a shelter or rescue group, you should look forward to knowing more about this little breed.

These cute small dogs don’t need lengthy workouts, and you don’t have to worry about taking them on long walks.


If you don’t have much time to go out with a dog, then you should get a Yorkie who can be happy just by taking a walk on your lawn.

They don’t fight with other dogs but are friendly with them.

If you have got more pets at home, then the Yorkie puppy will stay happy with them.

You can check out the lovable pictures of Yorkie puppies and keep reading about them till you are ready to adopt them.

Here are some significant facts which you need to know before adopting them.

1. They urinate a lot


If you worry a lot about the urination of pets, then you should know the fact about Yorkie pups.

They pee a lot because of their little bladder, and this can be an issue in the early months.

Whether it is summer or winter, they won’t leave a chance to make the floor wet.

There are also chances that they might not use the same place to urinate always.

You need a lot of patience, puppy pads for the pet, but if you train them, then they can work on your terms.

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You can get a covered potty zone for the puppy so that your cute pup doesn’t have to break the rules.

2. Tiny and fragile


When you look at these puppies, you will automatically realize that they are fragile because of the tiny shape.

If your child mishandles this pup, then it can be threatening.

So, you need to take care of this puppy if you want to adopt it. Just like human babies, you have to take care of these puppies while playing.

3. They act mature


When these pups get older, they start acting mature, unlike their size. They might have a small size, but you will be surprised to see their mature habits when they grow young.

If you want to keep your puppy safe from any troubles, then you need to have a leash while walking with them.

You should keep an eye on them even if they are playing the lawn.

These puppies are highly curious and known for hunting rats. They are fast on their feet and love to play games with kids.

So, if you don’t want a dog who doesn’t listen to you, then you should get Yorkie pup because he would always listen to your commands.

4. Negligible shedding


Even though they have flowing and luxurious locks, these pups are easy to clean and won’t make you irritate with shedding.

These dogs shed lesser as compared to other dogs.

They don’t have any fur but single-layered fine hairs that shed just like humans’ hairs do.

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There are chances that they will lose a few strands when you rub them calmly, but you won’t have to worry about seeing balls of hairs here and there at home.

Their hairs keep growing, and you need to get them cut if you want your puppy to look adorable always.

Most of the people prefer floor length hairs of these puppies, and you can do the same if you can maintain their hygiene.

If you suffer from allergies, then you don’t have to worry at all because less shedding will create lesser chances of allergy.

5. Goofy noises


They are infamous for their goofy noises and yapping. They are known for reverse sneezing or pharyngeal gag reflex. You will listen to a honking noise when the dog is gasping air.

You might find it alarming in the beginning, but with time, you will understand that it is normal.

Yorkshire pups are vocal and can easily let you know with their yapping, yipping, or whining about the things going on in their mind.

After knowing a lot about these cute dogs, you might want to buy them, but please, we request you to adopt them if possible.

You can look for local shelters and rescue homes for a specific breed, and you can find Yorkie there. By checking the dog’s adoption page, you can search for adoptable dogs.

Do you have Yorkshire Terrier at your home? If yes, then you can give some advice to the people who want to adopt a puppy. Let us know your views and advice in the comments below.

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