Top 10 Benefits of Having a Yorkie

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A Yorkie, or also known as Yorkshire Terriers, truly make wonderful pets. Their small size, intelligence, affectionate nature are just some key factors that make a Yorkie a great family dog.

Offering a lot of personality and enthusiasm in a tiny package, a Yorkie is a popular dog breed by those who own them.

Whether you are just planning to buy one or already have one, there is a lot of personality and benefits that come with owning a Yorkie, you will surely love and enjoy.

This article will mention some benefits that are great to be discussed that will convince you that a Yorkie is a perfect pet.

Here are the top 10 benefits you can get with having a Yorkie.

1. An incentive to having a Yorkie is their size


It comes to the good news that a Yorkie is one of the smallest dogs ever recorder in history.

This will make them perfect for travel and in cases that you have a limited room space.

With their tiny and compact size, they are perfect in any home, and space won’t be a constrain when you have a Yorkie around.

Given they are small, they remain comfortable wherever they are.

With their small size, they are low maintenance as well. Food bills won’t be a problem because a Yorkie is not a heavy eater.

2. A Yorkie has a Silky and Smooth, Hypoallergenic Coat


A Yorkie is safe even for the ones with allergies. The coats of a Yorkie are free from irritants, which makes them safe and ok to be handled by those who have sensitive skin and are vulnerable to allergies and asthma.

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Another great thing is that a Yorkie doesn’t shed much, so they are generally considered safe.

The coats of a Yorkie are an ultimate symbol of luxury, given that their coat is smooth and silky.

Only a handful of dog breeds have exotically beautiful coats, and the Yorkie is one of them.

This reason enough, this dog is a truly joyous possession since it is easy to maintain, compact, and neat.

3. They are a great companion


If you are looking for a devoted and most loving dog companion, a Yorkie is pretty much perfect.

They aren’t just adorable, but they are as well loyal to their owners. Given this, seniors love owning a Yorkie, for it is easy to manage and carry.

Most families find that a Yorkie is entertaining, cuddly, and cute; that is why it is good to have around.

Additionally, they live longer than other breeds, energetic, lively, and highly adaptive.

4. Of all Dog Breeds, a Yorkie may be the Cleanest 


Most know that dogs love chewing, digging, and, most of the time, dirt. A Yorkie is different because they don’t like chewing rotten substances and even digging.

You won’t see them drooling as well. To those who love their pets to stay inside their homes, it is a true delight to own a Yorkie.

Additionally, unlike other dog breeds, potty training a Yorkie is easy.

5. Lesser Need for Exercising 


Given their small size, a Yorkie doesn’t require vigorous and lengthy workouts.

Playing and physical activities while inside homes will be enough to keep a Yorkie stimulated mentally and physically.

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With this said, these dogs are perfect for those owners who don’t have enough time to go for longer walks.

For a tiny dog like a Yorkie, a short stroll to a nearby store and in the garden is enough exercise already.

6. On Budget and Low on Maintenance 


You won’t have to worry about spending too much when you own a Yorkie. They are what you may refer to as budget dogs.

When it comes to the nutrition they need, a Yorkie has a small tummy, which assures you as an owner that you don’t have to go for pretty expensive dog foods.

7. Great as Watch Dogs 


With its sharp smell and keen eyesight, a Yorkie won’t fail to detect and announce whenever a stranger approaches or enters your house.

This dog is highly protective of its family and highly possessive. Having a big dog mentality, a Yorkie will rise to the occasion to guard and protect the family it belongs to.

Despite the fact that a Yorkie is bred only as family pets, because of their bravery, they have been often classified as “working-class dogs.”

8. Yorkies are Intelligent 

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A Yorkie is also additionally one of those dogs with high intelligence. These dogs are highly trainable and easy to potty train and house-train.

Yorkies also have a unique quality of responding swiftly and effectively to instructions. 

9. A Yorkie is Undeniably Devoted and Loving


Having a docile personality makes owning a Yorkie a truly satisfying experience.

They act as great companions and to say, are truly adorable and affectionate.

Depending on how they are raised, a Yorkie will form as a loyal and loving dog. Additionally, Yorkies love cuddles.

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When it comes to coexisting with other dogs, a Yorkie won’t try to dominate but instead choose to play, not pick fights.

They are highly tolerable of other dogs or pets skidding around them.

10. A Yorkie can serve as a Therapy Dog

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To people who experience emotional and mental distress, a Yorkie can be your buddy that’ll help in revamping life.

Given the Yorkie’s natural loving, friendly, and affectionate nature, they can help in the fast recovery and brightening of the life of people experiencing stress.

Yorkies can also offer both practical and emotional assistance to correct behaviors.

Adding to their advantage, Yorkies being easy to manage makes them perfect therapy dogs for autism patients, those with hypertension, and those experiencing social withdrawal.

Wrapping It Up 

Given benefits, a Yorkie would be a perfect choice of being a family pet. Just by remembering these benefits, a Yorkie will automatically be thought of as an ideal dog to own.

Those who don’t have a Yorkie will be convinced of getting and owning one. For those who already own one, do make sure that you shower your Yorkie with love and affection for them to get the attention they need.

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