10 Things ONLY Yorkie Dog Owners Will Understand

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Yorkshire Terrier or shortly known as Yorkie is high maintenance but a warm and affectionate dog with a unique and big personality.

Yorkie is the smartest, funniest, and craziest dog to ever grace the world.

Nothing compares to the enthusiastic, unbridled love of a fuzzy and fun Yorkie.

This dog is packed with zest and personality for life that can even be an awesome companion.

Based on what you read or what you see on feature magazines, TV shows, and internet sources, you might think you know Yorkie too well.

This is not the case. There are things that only a Yorkie owner knows.

If you are curious, read on as the following information will reveal ten things that only Yorkie dog owners will understand and know.

These include the following:

1. Yorkie is a Shy Dog  


Their shyness is one factor that makes this breed of dog unique among the other popular breeds.

These dogs are only comfortable when they’re around familiar faces or close immediate families, unlike other dogs that will instantly approach anyone as if they don’t care.

A Yorkie can also be quiet when there are visitors and might not play with visiting kids.

2. Yorkie Enjoys Being Accessorized and Dressed Up 

5 Ways to Extend Your Yorkie Life Span

Strange, but Yorkie loves being accessorized and dressed up.

Yorkies are types of dogs that can devote themselves to shopping and collecting their tiny clothes.

Only a Yorkie owner can tell that this is an essential move in keeping their dogs look fashionable and good.

This can somehow be difficult to contemplate, especially if you do not own one.

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Yorkie are also fashion-forward dogs. You can dress them up or accessorize them using hoodies, crystal-encrusted collars, and more.

Yorkie deserves to look great and glamorous. This dog would also love to wear some statement jewelry and clothing.

3. Yorkies Have Toy Obsession 

5 Ways to Extend Your Yorkie Life Span

Yorkshire Terriers love playing toys. This can turn almost anything to a toy without really tiring out.

Only Yorkie owners understand this special character, and they commit their time knowing how to stop them from too much obsession with toys.

Some of Yorkie’s most favorite toys are small wishbone, squirrel toy, chew teething ring, pelts toys, and many more.

4. Yorkie Loves Hiding 

5 Ways to Extend Your Yorkie Life Span

Only Yorkie owner knows that it takes a lot of time looking for his or her pup when it is just beneath the pillow, after all.

Yorkies love hiding, and you can never beat them when it comes to hide and seek. This is one trait that many individuals will find difficult to tolerate.

Also, only Yorkie owners understand the reasons why their pup is hiding.

A Yorkie might be hiding in the closet, maybe because he wanted safety and security even for just a while.

Dogs somehow create their cave because they feel secure and safe there.

Dogs like Yorkie wanted to have some quiet place to hide, and being in an enclosed space makes them feel warm.

During summer, your closet may just be the coolest place for them to hide.

5. Yorkie Also Likes Lapping 


Only a Yorkie owner can fully understand that this breed of dog find ultimate comfort if they curl up in your lap.

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This serves them better purposes, especially during the cold season, since they can generate heat.

Also, because of their small size, Yorkies are recognized as one of the popular lapdogs in the United States, Great Britain, and other countries.

6. Yorkie Displays an Independent Character


Yorkies are also recognized for their natural smart character, and this is seen in many things that they do.

If, as a Yorkie owner, you fail to train your dog, they’ll make a streak of their very own rules.

7. Yorkshire Terriers are Very Active Dogs 


Yorkie is a bundle of energy. They even need more of it as they romp or walk around the yard or the block.

A Yorkie owner knows and understands that you can keep the pace easy with this dog if you walk them but make sure that their little legs will not be worn out.

8. It’s Hard to Potty Train a Yorkie 


Just like small kids, it can be tough to potty train your Yorkie.

Some pet lovers found success in crate training that helps their dogs feel secure and safe, and by taking their pets for some potty breaks regularly.

If you own a Yorkie, you will understand that giving your dog lots of love and encouragement rather than scolding them for unexpected accidents.

9. Yorkies Might Be Small in Size, but They’re Fierce 

yorkiepuppies facts 2

Though a Yorkie might be small in size, they have a really big personality.

American Kennel Club or AKC revealed that feistiness is a requirement for this breed.

Yorkies always stood up for themselves even if they are small dogs that get into a fight. They are also known for their spunky temperament.

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Just like the other Terrier dogs, Yorkies are courageous and confident, and they are the type that will not back down.

This is one of the many good reasons people love them.

10. Yorkie Can Coexist with your Kids Peacefully 


Some say that Yorkie does not coexist with kids, but only a Yorkie owner can say that this is not the case.

However, kids should be taught how to handle small dogs like the Yorkie and need to understand that these need to be handled gently and with respect.

Keep in mind that it is normal for dogs, especially with the fierceness of Yorkie, to defend themselves.

Moreover, only a Yorkie owner understands that it is not right to redirect if she growls or snaps at your little one.

With the right training and persistence, Kids and Yorkies can bond and establish a mischievous and magnificent team.

Known for their intelligence, adventurous spirit, and affection, there are lots of great things that you will love about these cute little dogs.

No wonder this has become one of the top breeds, particularly in America.

Try to have one, and you will understand and experience things that only a Yorkie owner knows and understand. 

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