How to Stop Dog Barking

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How to Stop Dog Barking

Dog communicate by barking that is how they speak out; stop dog barking has to be done only when dogs bark in excess and for no reason at all.

Probably barking is one of the reasons many people own dogs, to tell the owner that something out of the ordinary is going on, like when they feel danger close, an stranger comes into the house and so on.

To stop dog barking you have to identify its cause before you can actually control it.

The dog will bark for different reasons, when he is hungry, when he wants to go out, when he wants to play and so on.

Almost all dog owners associate each different type of barking with what the dog wants.

The reasons of dog barking


There are different reasons why dogs bark, they bark when they are hungry, anger, excited, scared, sick, and they bark different for any situation.

We can classify different types of barking like: Territorial barking, alarm barking, injury barking, illness barking, attention seeking barking, compulsive barking, greeting barking, frustration barking, and anxiety barking.

You have to realize that is impossible to stop dog barking completely because dogs just have to bark to express themselves when they need to. The basenji is the only breed of dog that does not bark at all.

Things to do to stop dog barking


If your dog is barking in excess, this happens 90% of times when your dog has not been trained to stop dog barking.

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And you decide to control the barking, first you must determine the following factors; when does it bark, what does it bark at, and what is the primary drive for your dog to bark.

When your dog barks alarmed it may be because a stranger or another animal enters into what the dog considers its territory, in this case you cannot just yell at it to stop dog barking, because negative reinforcement can lead to biting or aggressive behavior when territorial barking, your dog may stop barking for a moment but if the territorial issues are still there, your dog will bark again.

In that case you need to teach your dog that you are the leader in charge and you will take care and protect that space, so your dog does not have to feel the urge to protecting it. It helps if your dog does not see those threats, like the mailman or other dogs.

Stop dog barking with anxiety


This happens when your dog has not been trained to control separation anxiety issues, the best way to stop dog barking with anxiety is for you not to pay too much attention to your dog when you leave or return home.

Just don’t show your emotions on these events because your dog will feel your emotions and react to them because neither he wants to be left alone.

The best way stop dog barking is to teach your dog how to speak and be quiet on your command, this way you will control barking behavior and still have a watch dog that will alarm you when something out of the ordinary takes place.

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