5 Shih Tzu Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Shih Tzu dog breed is the best companion dogs for humans. Their breed has been originated from Tibet and was developed in China.

These puppies are one of the smallest and famous breeds of puppies in the world. The short muzzle and dark eyes of these puppies make everyone fall for them.

The long fur of these dogs is silky, and the tail is curled over the back. Shih Tzu can help to relieve the stress of humans.

You should know the fact that it can be possible to find all kinds of dogs at rescues and shelters, including Shih Tzu.

These puppies have a calm temperament and can have a comforting effect on humans.


The people who suffer from hypertension or stress can get rid of their problems by keeping Shih Tzu as their companion.

These doggies can quickly lower your blood pressure and can help you to stay healthy.

You can try out DogTime’s adoption page to search for the best adoptable dogs by zip code and breed.

Instead of buying dogs, you should adopt those babies. Do you want to bring Shih Tzu in your life?

If yes, then you can continue reading to know more about this breed. 

1. Pronounce their name correctly 


The name Shih Tzu is pronounced as “Sheed Zoo,” which means Lion.

Although this cute dog isn’t going to show temper if you pronounce the name wrong, you should know the correct way to speak it.

The loyalty and proud stance of this dog is to be loved a lot. This furry friend will shower lots of love and affection to you.

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This breed originated during the 14th Century as a royalty breed in China.

So, you can say that these dogs are too dignified to listen to curse words. 

2. Double coat soft fur


If you want to get a dog with which you can cuddle up, then you will be in love with the luxurious double coat of it. It has a rough coat outside and softer coat inside.

At the age of seven months, this puppy has a soft coat, and this will be the time when the second coat will start growing.

In the early stages, you won’t face any difficulties with the grooming of these puppies.

You just need to be prepared for regular grooming when your puppy will grow up. You can learn to do grooming with the help of a professional. 

3. Adaptability to your home 


Shih Tzu dogs are highly adaptable to human living areas. Whether you have a big villa or a small apartment, these puppies will love their home.

If you are with them, then these dogs will never show denial to their home.

These dogs are bred mainly for companionship, and so you can expect them to be loyal to your home.

They aren’t good at herding and hunting but love humans by their hearts.

If you want to build a strong relationship with Shih Tzu puppies, then you should pay lots of attention to them.

If you have toddlers at home, then these puppies can play with them. You don’t have to worry about scratches or bites to your little one when this puppy is around your baby.

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These puppies aren’t like large dogs that can also harm their owners when they are angry

4. Lovable to strangers 


These puppies are always courteous towards everyone, including strangers.

Shih Tzu pups are highly cordial towards humans and can get along with your friends, other dogs, cats, and guests.

Even if you have got a large dog at your home or naughty kids, then you should keep an eye on them when they are playing with Shih Tzu puppy.

The reason you need to monitor them is that Shih Tzu puppies never harm anyone even if someone does wrong to them.

These puppies weigh only two and a half pounds till eight weeks due to small size and are delicate.

Within seven months, these pups will reach their adult size of weight 10 to 16 pounds. 

5. Breathing problems of cute puppies


The best thing about Shi Tzu puppies is their smashed and cute furry face.

They are cuddly and gentle to their owners and can get along with everyone quickly.

They don’t need much exercise, like large dogs. Just with a little walk, they will have their daily exercise.

This dog can quickly adapt to the situations of your home, even if you have no experience with dogs.

They can face heatstroke, wheezing, and snoring issues sometimes. Make sure that you don’t keep them in extreme sunlight because they aren’t capable of intense sunbathing. 

Would you like to adopt a cute Shih Tzu puppy? Do you anything more about these little dogs? Let us know your views and opinions in the comments below. 

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  1. I have had two of these adorable,gentle,kind and loving pets in the past. One was sixteen years and the other was twelve! I wished I could have had each one longer. They were both American throw always. Thank God I had the pleasure of owning them. The first one, male, was Jinx and the second one was Daisy Mae! She crossed over a little over a year ago! Not a day goes by without thinking oh her and her sweet face! Yes, I would like to adopt another one! Live in Douglas, WY


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