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7 Rottweiler Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love


Are you thinking of bringing a Rottweiler pup home? Are you looking for facts that could help you take better care of them? Well, you have come to the right place.

Rottweiler pups are known for their violent nature and aggressive attitude. They are feared, and not many families prefer getting a dangerous dog at their homes. However, these facts are anything but true.

Rottweiler pups may get aggressive at some point, but they are very loving and comfortable towards their family and friends.

If you are going to adopt and live with a Rottweiler, you will be required to know several Rottweiler Puppies Facts about them so that you can grow a close bond with them.

Studying about the dog you are about to have will also prepare you for the kind of situations you are about to face. Read below:

1. They can get very protective


As loyal as they are, they make sure their trainers are safe from any potential danger and keep a close check on their surroundings.

They take it as their duty to keep their trainers safe from any kind of trouble.

When at home, they can be goofy and sweet, but when they get out with you, they turn into protective fathers that watch out for suspicious people and things on the road.

Due to this extreme protectiveness, they are seen as aggressive and fearsome.

However, do not confuse their protectiveness with aloofness. They love getting to meet new people and accept all the love they receive.

Once comfortable, you would be surprised by how cute and comfortable they get around strangers.

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2. They are naturally active


Rottweiler pups grow to be big dogs that are active mentally as well as physically. They require a lot of energetic food so that their health sustains.

You could get into several mental and physical exercises that your pup would love. If trained well, they grow up to be brilliant and brave dogs.

They like playing wrestle indulging in activities that act as physical stimulation for them. You can teach them a plethora of exercises and sharpen their obedience.

3. They struggle with gas problems


Very common to this breed, Rottweiler gets a little gassy sometimes. Their diet and exercises make them burp and fart sometimes, which is very interesting to watch.

You may not experience this sight with other dog breeds. This doesn’t happen to every Rottweiler pup, but keeping some remedies ready wouldn’t hurt.

4. They shed a lot


They seem toughie and hard on the front, but they are required to get groomed now and then. If you don’t give them a proper brush at regular intervals, your floor may turn into a fur farm in no time.

Their hair is naturally short but experience shedding at a massive rate. Therefore, figuring out a way to keep this under control is essential.

Giving them beautiful warm baths and massing their hair roots will help a lot and make them fresh and happy.

5. This breed was almost extinct


According to some Rottweiler Puppies Facts, they are natural herder dogs and were used by people to move and pull cattle.

Around the 1800s, when industrialization grew, and machines took over, the cattle started being pulled using engines, etc. and the use of Rottweiler declined.

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Due to this, their breeding stopped in various places, and they were almost on the verge of extinction. Thanks to dog lovers, this breed started thriving and is now present in a healthy number.

6. They are rescue dogs


Rottweiler pups are known for their bravery and strength and are used as rescue dogs in various places. They make a part of the police department and investigating agencies.

Interestingly, Rottweiler dogs also served as rescue dogs in the 9/11 terror attack.

As soon as the incident took place, these dogs, along with a team of Labrador retrievers and German Shepherds, were taken to the site to rescue trapped people.

7. Celebrities love them


A plethora of celebrities worldwide are in love with this dog breed. They have kept Rottweiler pups and shower all their love over them.

The reason being their loving and loyal nature and good looks that matches to the status of a celebrity.

They look active, fit, and their coat is shiny. They can also keep their trainers safe from any threat, which makes them even ideal for the job.

Rottweiler pups are considered to be one of the best dog breeds to keep as pets.

If you can provide them with sufficient food and exercise and give them the love they need, they grow up to be strong and brave dogs who take care of you and your family.

If this pooch is there to protect you, no threat would ever harm you.

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