10 Maltese Dog Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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The Maltese is an elegant toy dog breed that is gentle and fearless.

It belongs to the companion dog group and has a life span of about 12 to 15 years.

The litter size averages at about 1 to 3 puppies for every pregnancy cycle.

Since the breed does not possess an undercoat, it sheds little and is thought to be hypoallergenic.

Being a toy breed, they are considered to be well suited for apartment living and are highly intelligent and friendly by nature.

Here are a few quick Maltese puppies facts which will make you go head over heels in love with your new pup.

1. The Breed Has Been Around For a Long Time


The history of the Maltese can be traced back to at least two millennia. It has been found in the scriptures and cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Tombs were erected by the Greeks for their Maltese, while Aristotle has made a mention in his works.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians believed that this breed could cure people of diseases, which lead to placing the Maltese on the pillows of the ill.

There are beliefs that the breed originated from Asia and was essential in the development of many other smaller Asian breeds.

The breed was famous with the French aristocrats by the 15th century and later found their way into the British Isles during the reign of Henry VIII.

2. Bad Breeding Experiments


However, a significant threat was posed to their existence when they were made to breed to the size of a squirrel.

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This experiment turned disastrous and gave rise to mixed poodles, spaniels, and miniature dogs that could not adapt to the given temperature and climate differences.

3. They love attention!


The Maltese is a people-oriented breed with a lively personality. Positive training reinforcements like food, praise, and rewards helps build an active response system.

The breed is amiable and easy-going with everyone they come across, be it a human or any animal.

Their heredity, training, and socialization levels determine their temperament.

These little dogs are generally curious and playful and are willing to be approached by people and be carried or pampered by them.

4. The Maltese can be easily molded


As a puppy, the Maltese are easily influenced by their surroundings.

Exposure during the puppy stage to various experiences can help it grow into an all-rounded dog.

However, if they have been exposed to ill-treatment or abuse as a puppy, it can lead to lousy temperament.

Thus, enrollment in puppy training classes will help them socialize and interact.

Regular walks to a park, stores, and leisurely stroll also help them build bonds with the society.

5. Physically active


The Maltese is a playful breed and require regular walks and play. This breed does not require exercise as much as the bigger breeds because it is highly active indoors.

The puppies should not be physically exerted until about the age of 8 months as their bones are at their developing stage.

6. Their feed requirement is minimal


Their feeding is typically two times a day under normal circumstances.

They must not be left with food all the time, as it will lead to obesity. Their digestive systems are delicate by nature and are picky eaters.

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The puppies are also prone to eating problems if they have teeth or gum problems.

However, one has to keep in mind the fact that the eating habits of a dog depends upon its age, metabolism, size, and activity levels.

7. What is fear, when the Maltese is here


The Maltese are highly energetic and love meeting and mingling with people.

This gives them their fearlessness. This little doggo can approach bigger dogs 10x their size with 0x fear!

So, the best solution is to always stay and spend time with your dog no matter where he goes.

8. No Shedding, No allergies


What comes as a huge sigh of relief is the fact that allergy sufferers need not worry about dog hair everywhere.

Even though the Maltese have long, silky hair, they do not shed much. This is because this breed does not have an undercoat beneath their white hair.

9. Tiny Therapy dogs


The Maltese is a very affectionate breed and can get along with any person, be it a stranger or their “Hooman”.

Their affection makes them an excellent lap dog. Studies have shown that they can reduce the stress and anxiety of an individual.

10. A long lifespan!


In comparison to other breeds, the Maltese can live for over a decade if cared for properly.

Their average lifespan can range between twelve to eighteen years. Thus, regular health care and grooming goes a long way in ensuring a healthy lifespan.

If you want a dog that is lovable and affectionate, then the Maltese is the breed for you!

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Be it running around with kids or cuddling up on your lap if you want to complete your family with a loving heart ; the Maltese is the dog for you!

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