How to teach the puppy not to bite the owners

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All the puppies are biting each other during the game. Going to the new place of the residence to the new owner, the puppy continues to play in such way as well.

However, the man’s skin is thinner, and the playful bites of the puppy are very painful. Even among dogs, there is a biting code.

If the puppy is overplayed, then his brothers and sisters are screaming and refuse to play with him, and the mother leaves.

Especially biting can be a little puppy, too early weaned from the nest, where he was not taught to lose his strength.

Also, more pups are biting during the change of the teeth. They want to chew something all the time.

How correctly to disaccustom the puppy from biting your arms, legs?


  • When the puppy is overplayed it is necessary to stop the game and leave so that the puppy would realize that after his biting the game always ends.
  • You can also send the puppy to his crate if he is playing.
  • For the puppy, any movement means a game, so if he grabs you for the clothes, do not twitch, but freeze. Then the puppy will lose the interest and weaken the grip.
  • You can also strictly look at the puppy and say in a severely low tone: “No.”
  • Always to have at hand one of the puppy’s toys, so that for the game to offer him something more interesting, that is alternative to the human hand.
  • If the puppy has grabbed the hand, he should be gently detached and offered a toy.
  • The puppy should know what things can be gnawed and which ones cannot be. So put it on your back and scratch the puppy’s tummy, and at this time offer the puppy something to chew – an individual bone or toy.

The games with a puppy that will help him to dis-accustom the biting To teach a puppy to use his teeth during the game carefully can be using individual games. So, you can clasp your hand and stretch it to your puppy.

If he does not bite but licks or pokes his nose, he is given a treat. This action must be repeated several times, by constantly encouraging the correct behavior of the dog.

Gradually it is needed to lengthen the time during which the puppy should ignore the hand and increase the speed of the hand. Then the game can continue with a chewing bone or toy.

The task is to teach him not to grab the item at once, but to wait calmly for permission to take it. If the puppy tries to catch the item, it needs to be hidden.

If the puppy calmly reacts – immediately give a delicacy. The same thing you need to do with your index finger, open hand, shoes, clothes, etc. Even when the puppy realized that the puppy was getting a treat for the calm behavior, this game should be repeated periodically to fix the result of the study.

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In the early age, most puppies try to bite their owners by their feet. Quite often the people take this for a fun game, not suspecting that when the pet becomes older ; his bites will cease to be lovely and harmless and can even cause bodily harm. For the prevention of such unpleasant incidents, it is necessary to wean the puppy to bite his legs at an early age.

The little puppies are somewhat playful, and since they use teeth when playing with other dogs, they will also habitually use them when playing with a person. To dis accustom the puppy to bite your legs, you must immediately prohibit it:


  1. If the dog suddenly tries to bite you by the foot, then you need to give a command “No” or “Leave it” with a sharp, severe voice. If the puppy has rushed to your feet during joyful games, it is also necessary with the sharply rough voice to forbid him to do it and to finish the game. For the puppy playing with a host quite a lot, because they are an essential element of communication between the dog and the person. That’s why the dog will quickly understand that the bites of the legs lead to its finish.
  2. The physical measures can also be used. If your dog is overplayed and does not pay attention to your commands, then you need to put a rolled up newspaper on seeing the place. When the puppy rushes to owner’s feet the next time, you must sharply command “No,” then hit the over the dog with a bundle. This measure is advantageous and painless, since such a blow almost does not cause the pet pain, but the sound from it is extremely unpleasant for the puppy’s ear.
  3. Quite often, the puppies stop using their teeth in the games with adults, but they continue to use them with children, taking them for puppies. If this is not prevented in the due time, then in the future it can lead to a dangerous situation, since the dogs will begin to put themselves higher on the hierarchical ladder. Moreover, weaning the puppy to bite his legs will be much more difficult. Therefore, as soon as the dog wants to bite the child, it is necessary to prohibit it immediately, besides it is required to explain to the children that in no case should the dog be allowed to bite itself, even when playing.
  4. Applying the teeth is natural for the puppy, but you can guide all of his energy into a peaceful channel. All the possible toys, rubber bones, etc. can help in this. Also great for the toys that can be pulled by the dog. By using all of this you will play with the dog, which will be satisfied, and you can distract the pet from your feet.
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The bites


Strangely enough, but you cannot train a dog only by caressing. If you let her do what she wants, then she will not love you anymore.

On the contrary, such tactics will lead to complications in relations with the animal, because of its psychology, you are weaker. Therefore the dog is the leader, and you have nothing to respect.

It is the reason that you need to win the puppy’s respect, and for this, you need to behave like a leader, and at the same time to protect him from the external aggression, to train him and investigate together the surrounding big world.

The primary goal for which the animals are using their teeth in nature is to protect, tear the food and to crush bones. Up to four months of age the puppies still have weak jaw muscles, and they use their teeth to play.

During this period the puppies learn to regulate the power of the bite, communicate with the relatives, crack and tear the prey.

Besides, with the help of the biting, the hierarchical relationships within the pack are established.

If the puppy bites his fellow puppies too much, then in response he hears a squeal and realizes that he had bitten them painfully. The next time he bites lesser or does not bite at all.


When a puppy is taken from the other dogs, he already has specific life experience, as well as a habit of the biting during the communication or playing.

Therefore, when the puppy wants to play with the owner, he begins slowly to bite him. If in response, he is repelled, he perceives such behavior as a continuation of the fascinating game and begins to bite harder.

If the owner encourages his act and starts playing with him, then the puppy likes it and, as a consequence, he starts to bite more painfully.

If the problem is not corrected in time, then in the future the innocent biting can come into aggression, when the puppy starts to growl and bite with anger.

Such behavior, although rare, is encountered, so this problem must be solved as soon as possible and more decisively.

Avoid any games in which the puppy tries to bite you. If the puppy bites you while communicating, do not scold the puppy and do not hit the puppy, but react to the bite as well as another puppy would do, that is, scream unpleasantly and loudly.

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After that, get up and move away from the animal, showing by this, that because of the behavior of the puppy, the game is stopped.

After a while, you will see that your pet has become bitten less often and weaker. If this exercise is used every day, then in time you can completely disaccustom the dog to bite.

This method is recommended for the puppies under the age of four and a half months. As a rule, later the dog has permanent teeth and the purpose of the bites is changing.

If the puppy bites his owner after reaching this age, then a domination problem appears, that is, the animal considers itself to be the main one. Eliminate this problem by lowering the hierarchical rank of the puppy.

The punishment


If the puppy bites you and growls, you need to grab him firmly by the withers, squeeze his face to the floor, peer into the eyes and say “No!”, then go away from him and ignore the puppy for fifteen to twenty minutes.

You do not need to scream or beat the animal, as these actions can only provoke the puppy and force the puppy to bite harder.

It happens because the dogs get pleasure from biting because they think they are playing with the owners.

Be sure to forbid the dog to lie or sleep on the bed, first enter the room or climb the stairs. Teach the dog to give you the way first. Feed the animal only after the whole family has eaten.

In general, your pet should be able to earn food, play or walk. For example, before feeding the animal, give him some command and start feeding the dog only after the command is performed.

Do not allow your puppy to bite your hands without taking any responsibility for it.

If the desire to bite the puppy is not suppressed, while the puppy is small, but when the puppy grows up, this situation will worsen and can develop to the aggression towards the owner or his family members. And the consequences of this can be sad.

It is important not to neglect this biting problem, feeling sorry for the puppy. Especially it concerns small decorative dogs.

Otherwise, a few months later, you will find it difficult to explain to the adult dog why the dog cannot grab a man’s teeth with his hands.

The trainers of the Royal Dog Academy have the needed professionalism in choosing the individual training program for the puppy that is biting his owners.

So I recommend to everyone the trainers of the Royal Dog Academy that know everything about puppy training.

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