9 Corgi Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Corgi is considered to be one of the cutest dog breeds. Taking their fan base to another level, the internet makes all kinds of memes using them, especially because of their fun and cute demeanor.

Their bodies are long and loafy and have short legs, which make their appearance even more interesting.

Just one look at their adorable face can make anyone fall in love with them in an instant. They are great family dogs and love getting mushy with their trainers.

If you are thinking of adopting and bringing them to your family, there are several corgis puppies facts that you should know about them.

Make sure you study the breed properly so that a strong relationship between the two of you can be cultivated. Read below:

1. They are the royal breed


When looked at closely, you may not find anything that royal about them.

Despite this, they are seen as a royal breed because they are members of the British Royal Family for a long time.

It is a very popular fact that Queen Elizabeth II once had around thirty corgis.

Therefore, if you want to keep this royalty in them intact, make sure to give your pup a royal name.

2. They are full of energy


The corgi pups are very active and always want to play with you or the dogs around them.

They have a high reserve for energy and wouldn’t stop until they have drained themselves entirely.

They love playing, and their playtime may seem like charges towards each other.

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These pups may seem fierce and hyper at first, but that is who they are, and they are harmless.

3. Corgi Puppies are expressive


According to corgi puppies facts, what makes corgi pups even more adorable is their expressive face.

You would be able to guess what is going on with them with just one look at their face.

You would be able to tell if they are happy or sad or stressed about something quite easily. This is not the case with any other dog breed.

If you start to trust your dog, you might want to look at their face before assessing a situation as they would be able to read their surroundings well and convey you the message.

4. They get fat easily


On bringing home a corgi pup, you will realize that they are very active, but they eat a lot too. You would observe that they have an appetite for snacks that are usually made for dogs.

This makes them unhealthy, and they may start getting fat after a while. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your pooch, take them for morning and evening runs or walks and keep a check on their diet.

Do not let them eat anything without a thorough check.

5. Their breed name means Dwarf


One of the most interesting things about this breed is that they have been named on the phenomena of dwarfism. Corgi means a dwarf in the Welsh language.

They have been seen as dogs with a very interesting appearance, and their short legs are what attract people towards them the most. Corgis usually have a height of 10-12 inches only.

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6. They have a magical history


Unlike other dog breeds, Corgis have a magical history that involves fairies and Vikings and wars.

Corgis are believed to be native of Wales and were used by Vikings and other weavers as herding dogs since the 10th century.

Moreover, some legends describe Corgis as carriage pullers for fairies that used to go for wars. Even today, fairy marks can be seen on their back.

7. They are healthy


They are naturally healthy dogs that do not face any life-threatening diseases for most of their lives.

They can live up to 12 to 15 years and lead a healthy life overall. If their weight is taken care of, you wouldn’t have to worry much about their well-being.

8. They are smart


Since they are naturally herding animals, they have inherited intelligence and analytical thinking. They always find ways to keep their mind occupied and need something to work on every time.

If this doesn’t happen, they get bored and act weird. To help, you can get them some dog puzzles and friends to play with and ensure they never feel too free.

9. They love to cuddle


Corgis like being cuddly with their trainers and want to feel loved. They make you feel comfortable and expect the same from you.

You may expect them to get up in the night and get inside your blanket and sleep with you.

Corgis are undoubtedly beautiful creatures that deserve all the love in the world, just like any other living being.

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If you are thinking of bringing a corgi home, make sure to adopt them instead of buying them. Keep them in a safe environment and take good care of them.

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