5 Chihuahua Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Any dog lover who is looking for tiny and quirky dogs can choose Chihuahua puppies.

These pups can win your heart easily with their behavior. People who are single or old and live alone can have these pups.

This is the smallest breed of dogs and named after Chihuahua state in Mexico. There are various benefits of owning this dog.

Don’t forget that you can find these dogs at rescues and shelter homes.


You can check out the adoption page so that you can search for the best dogs.

Don’t spend your money to buy dogs because you can find amazing dogs at shelters.

If you are already in love with the looks of Chihuahua and planning to get one for you, then you should care more about this pet.

The life span of these dogs is up to 20 years if cared for by the owner properly. It will be effortless to groom them and shed very lightly.

Here are the significant facts you should know about Chihuahua:

1. Playful and naughty dogs


You will find Chihuahua playing with your furniture and body many times. They are little playful pups who are naughty.

Their small size and spiritedly attitude will think of all of your homes as their playground, including you.

If you aren’t comfortable with having a shadow pup around you, then you need to train this puppy at an early age.

These bad habits might irritate some people, but some of you might also love their notorious nature. You can also get inspired by these pups to workout daily.

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2. Aggressive and highly alert


They are vigilant and can be fantastic to watchdogs. They will always alert you about guests, strangers, or intruders.

They are infamous for being yappers, but they just mistrust strangers.

They want to ensure that their owner’s home is safe and secure, and that’s why they can bark randomly on people.

You can avoid this behavior by socializing your pup at an early stage.

The best thing about these dogs is that they are quick learners and are entertaining.

They have a quick wit and can be trained easily. They are enthusiastic about playing games in the garden.

3. Territorial habit


They have jealousy and territorial nature, and if you start showing more love to another pet, then it can make them envious. You can reduce this habit by training them.

You can take your puppy to socialize with other humans and dogs so that they can learn to adapt to other people around them.

This will let them realize that you can love other humans or pets, but the love for Chihuahua will never reduce.

If you train them properly, then they will stay in good temperament always.

With the right supervision, you will find that these pups have an affectionate heart towards everyone. They are quite sensitive to cold and love warm weather.

Even if they have a little bit of aggression towards strangers, you will find them cute and adorable always. Their little bark will make you fall for them.

4. Large hearts of puppies


These puppies are trainable and intelligent. Even though they have small size and lesser weight, but they have large hearts. They will always be loyal to their owner in every situation.

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You won’t find your pup running when you are in danger. The adorable face of your puppy depicts the clear nature of them.

This puppy is affectionate and will love to stay with you all the time.

They are friendly and most loyal to one person. You will find them getting overprotective when you will be with other pets or humans.

They are fantastic to watchdogs and have good eyesight. Their hearing capabilities will ensure full safety at your home. They will alarm you immediately if there is an unusual sound at your home.

5. Bonded pairs


If you want to make them feel happier, then you can also get another Chihuahua.

When you live with one pet, then you will automatically feel an urge to get another Chihuahua.

Your puppy will also stay happier when you get another pup like them at home. It will be amazing if you will have two cute pups at your home and not just one.

The best thing about these pups is that you can travel with them anywhere because of their weight and small size.

They love to travel with people and can be carried to any place.

Instead of buying Chihuahua, you can rescue them from shelters and rescue homes. It will be a nice feeling to adopt a puppy from shelter homes.

Do you know anything more about these puppies? Share your views and suggestions in the comments below. We are waiting for your response!

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