5 Boxer Puppies Facts To Make You Fall In Love

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Dogs are one of the most loyal and intelligent creatures. Adopted as a pet from time immemorial, they come to be called man’s best friend.

They are the best to have around, especially to cheer oneself and have a great day.

They are not just friendly creatures but are used in various fields as a working dog, guide dogs, therapy dogs, guard dogs, etc.

Working dogs are the dogs used for performing practical tasks and assisting humans. Some of the dogs include Boxers, German shepherd, Doberman, etc.

Boxers are one of the most known breeds adopted as a puppy for imparting training, and there are several Boxer Puppies Facts that remain a hidden truth.

What breed is a Boxer?

Boxer Puppies Facts

With needing plenty of exercises and originating in Germany, the Boxers are one of the most loving and family dog breeds and vigilant service dogs at the same time.

They are usually brought in as puppies to impart training about various duties that help them adopt further as working dogs.

They have two different sides that come out differently when around family and at service.

They are highly adaptable and deficient maintenance dogs who do not compromise on exercises.

They are extremely friendly to people around them, are affectionate and highly sensitive, very opposite to their square face and muscular body.

Statistics – Physical Traits

Boxer Puppies Facts

The statistics about the dogs is the vital measure of how they are supposed to be and a description of their physical structure. They come up to be:

  • As per the Boxer Puppies Facts, they are original breeds trained to be working dogs and assist humans in various physical and practical tasks like bomb squad, police, military, etc.
  • They are not much big sized as a puppy but grow up to be 21 to 25 inches at the shoulders and have a muscular built and weigh up to 60 to 70 pounds or 27 to 32 kg.
  • On average, they have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years and are most likely to be adaptable when brought in as a puppy.
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Uncovering the facts

Boxer Puppies Facts

There are lesser-known but highly exciting facts about Boxers that are a must-know for every owner.

The Boxer Puppies Facts are:

  • They are determined breeds that work on what they believe in. They are said to stand of hind legs and jab with their paws. They are further known for several talents they hold within themselves that are entirely not expected from other breeds.
  • They have a cute looking face and a vibrant and a breathtaking smile. It is the reason why they blend along with people, especially kids. Known for their features, they are one of the top 5 most desirable dogs in the face of the earth.
  • They can be stubborn at times. Built-in for becoming working dogs, they have in themselves a clear picture of what they like or dislike. They often tend to make ways to let the owner know about what’s in their mind. They have in themselves the aggression required but are trained to put it out only when needed.
  • Just like humans, they can be the best couch potatoes. So the next time you don’t have a partner to binge-watching, choose them. They can be as passive and engrossed as active in the fields. They can be the best lapdogs for a vacation or just for cuddles.
  • One of the most adorable Boxer Puppies Facts that is a reason for several boxers to choose them is that they stay a puppy-at-heart. They are very playful around every person they meet and throughout their lifespan. They tend to make a mess and then stand with an adorable smile to melt anyone and escape from scolds.
  • Being working dogs, they have a high energy level and therefore need to be taken out for a walk or tend to exercise often. A boxer made to sit at home will start to give signs of lethargy and sickness but will rejuvenate as and when steps out of the house. 
  • They need ample space to run and play around rather than just a room or a flat. They are not meant to live an apartment life and are more comfortable in great spaces and veranda that make them feel independent.
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Boxer Puppies Facts

Boxer puppies and dogs are highly energetic and social creatures. Mostly known to be working dogs, they are of great importance.

They require great care and are not meant for everyone but for people who love to have a big dog to cuddle around, or have a great social breed with two sides serious and agile when on duty and caring and compassionate at home with kids and are ready to keep them healthy physically and mentally, they could be the best fit to ever have!

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