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Are Toy Poodles Good Family dogs?


One of the popular dog breeds around the world is toy poodles.

side from its cute look, it is being used for hunting truffles, considering its smooth and sensitive paws.

Considering its cuteness, you are probably looking for the best place to adopt a toy poodle.

Before we answer this question, let us first know the important information about this dog breed.


Where are the Toy Poodles Come From?

No one knows the precise history of these toy poodles.

But according to some studies, researchers concluded that it was come from either Germany or France and was bred during the late 1970s.

As you can notice on its name, you can connect it to the word “Pudel” meaning “puddle.” Puddles are a dog breed that comes from Pudelhund.

What are the Different Types of poodles?


Poodles have three types, which are the Miniature, Toy, and Standard.

Although these three come from the same breed, they possess some differences in sizes, shape, weight, and more.

The Standard variant is considered to be the oldest type of poodle, followed by Miniature and Toy.

Although AKC did not recognize the Toy Poodle, many people are enjoying its presence and cuteness.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Toy Poodle?

Most homeowners in the US own at least one toy poodle. This is a well-known dog breed most Americans would love to take care of.

There are more than 180 popular breeds in the United States, which the American Kennel Club ranked as the first most common breed.

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Did you know that Toy Poodles ranked 7th?

There are many ways that you can do to adopt a toy poodle if you want to. One of these is to visit the dog rescue organizations near you.

In most cases, toy poodles available for adoption can be found in the dog rescue groups. You might be asking why.

This is because this type of dog breed requires daily companionship and more grooming, which in most cases, the owners did not expect before buying one.

There are some cases where toy poodles experience anxiety and shyness issues, resulting in too much barking.


On the other hand, some toy poodles you can find in this place might be simply turned over by their owner because of some family changes.

But overall, toy poodles are one of the best dog breeds with only a few behavioral problems.

Another place where you can also adopt a toy poodle is in the Public Animal Shelters and Humane Societies.

This is the first area where rescued toy poodles are being brought.

When the toy poodle is rescued by the public animal shelters and humane societies, the Poodle Rescue dogs will pull out the dog from the place and take it with them.

On the other hand, if you can’t find a toy poodle available for adoption, you might also purchase one from a dog breeder.

Show breeders are the ones who mix the breeds of a Toy poodle to create an offspring with a standard dog appearance.

If you will opt for this method, make sure not to opt with someone who only performs dog shows.

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But rather, look for a poodle breeder that can answer your queries about the breed’s trainability and temperament.

Things to Know Before Adopting a Toy Poodle


If you are fond of watching movies, toy poodles are always present, no matter what it’s a genre.

This is because this dog breed is considered to be the best and stylish character.

You can also see them in most dog shows considering their well-groomed looks.

If you are the urge to take care of a toy poodle, here are the different things you should know.

They are an Excellent Watchdog

Because of its cuteness, most people think that toy poodles are not a good watchdog.

Considering its excellent hearing capabilities, toy poodles are great for guarding your house as they would bark at anyone or anything lurking around your property.

Aside from that, this dog breed is also known for being its athletic body. Do not underestimate this dog breed as they have good retrieval skills and can be used as your hunting companion.

Toy Poodles are good for Individuals with Allergies.


Another misconception about toy poodles is that most people thought this dog breed is not good for individuals with allergies considering its curly hair and thick coat.

Well, it is not. This is because toy poodles are not a huge shedder.

Additionally, this type of breed does not release the bad odor that other dog breeds do.

Breeders who sell toy poodles advertised this breed as hypoallergenic. Thus, this is an excellent dog for people suffering from allergies.

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Toy Poodles Require Frequent and Serious Grooming

Even though toy poodles are considered a hypoallergenic dog breed, you also need to pay for it.

You always need to groom them more frequently. When we say frequent grooming, it requires serious trimming, bathing, and brushing.

To ensure their clean and fresh look, you need to groom them every six weeks.

Professional dog grooming is not cheap. You need to invest in it to maintain its good look.

It cannot be denied that professional grooming for your dog is the easiest way to keep your pup clean and look good.

If you plan to adopt or purchase a toy poodle, make sure you have the budget to pay for its frequent grooming.



The happiness and companionship brought by toy poodles to its human parents are at a different level.

You can adopt this dog breed from dog rescue operations and Public Animal Shelters, and Humane Societies.

Before you adopt or purchase a toy poodle, keep in mind the things to consider we listed above.

We know that taking care of a poodle or any other dog breeds is not easy, similar to rearing your youngster.

They will give you love, care, happiness, and companionship you can’t get from other people.

Are you ready to welcome a new family member to your home? What are you waiting for? Get your Toy Poodles now!

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