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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Life


Dogs are one great companion. They amazingly give happiness to us even though we didn’t ask.

But how do you return the companionship that they provide to us? They are there when we are gloomy, happy, and so on.

An unconditional love, joy even in the simple things that they do. However, how can we know that they similarly need the same?

How can we also improve their life like what they’ve given to us?

Well, there are numerous things we can do to improve their lives into a healthier and happier one.

We can start it by spending time with them, like playing and walking. Here are six simple things that you can try to improve your dog’s life to give you more.

1. Get familiar with your Dog’s Body Language


Dogs can also express their feelings through non-verbal signals or body language.

They have gestures like turning their body away, head, yawning, rapid blinking, and lip licking, which are signs of discomfort.

When you see these signs to your dog, you should observe them and figure out their behavior.

Knowing the different body language of your dog helps you take care of them. You are making them live a happier life without stress and more.

It is also great to know these body languages to get to know them better, their different characteristics, behavior, etc.

2. Spend 15 minutes or Full attention to your dog


Spending time with your dog is important; even for about 15 minutes a day, paying your full attention creates a huge difference in the dog’s life.

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As we know, they are very social, and It is also one reason we domesticate them.

So, a little amount of time playing with them like fetching the ball, walking, and more are essential.

A little amount of time creates a big difference for the dog, which may be a small or short time for us, but it looks like a lifelong bond with their owner.

This is essential to let them feel that their owners love them. Also, they are not alone because you are there also for them.

3. Give them Enrichment Activities.


A type of enrichment activity that will help your dog’s mind is different from physical training, like teaching them other routines or tricks.

Enrichment activities will allow the dogs to think and learn. Treasure hunts, like hiding some treats in the yard and letting them find it is one example of enrichment activity. 

These enrichment activities will help build your dog’s patience, confidence, and impulse control.

5. Let them enjoy the outdoors.

Yorkshire Terrier 1

Give time and let your dog go around outdoor. Playing with your dog outside provides a great opportunity to exercise their instincts to chase, herd, and dig.

It is also lessening the boredom and burn the calories that the dog has. That will give them the result of a healthier and happier dog.

Walking and letting your dog inhale fresh air from the outside are also great.

Generally, by bringing them out of the house, let them get along and adopt them in the surroundings. Giving them freedom and also enjoy the beauty of nature.

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6. Pick the right collar or harness for your dog.


When going out with your dog, we put harness or collars, and there are many types of design available.

However, not all collars are the same. So, it is a necessity that you pick the most suitable for your dog.

This is because it can be critical for your dog if they have the wrong one.

See to it also that you check the harness or collar before going out of the house if it is too tight or loose to make them comfortable and safe.

It’s okay to buy a fancy collar that you might think cool or cute for your dog.

However, do not forget the importance or real essence of using a collar or harness for dogs.

Give them a break


As much as we also want to pet our dogs, we should also take a little pause in doing it.

Dogs are sometimes polite when they need a small break in the affection that they received from us.

Taking a short break allows them to take a breather.

If they want to continue the affection that they are receiving, they will make a way to tell you.

Sometimes, they nuzzle, push their body into your hand or feet, paws at you, and more.

This are signs that they want to continue or be pet by you. A small move gives them a sense of control and encourages them to belong or find their attention.

It is overwhelming the great companionship that we receive from our dogs.

Safety, happiness is some of what we can feel and receive from our dogs.

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But what can we do to return it? Well, there many things that we can return the favor like the six examples that we have tackle earlier, which are also pretty simple to do so. 

One other thing that we can also do to improve our dog’s life is to give them a great massage.

Dogs are also like humans that adore massage. It also gives them relaxation, bonding, and healing.

Other than the special things that we must do to provide them a great life, the very important thing that we should provide to them is to feed them well.

You need to give them the right nutrition they have to gain. A checkup is also essential.

Improving your dog’s life is in your hands. It would help if you also remembered that dogs are the same as humans who also need help with others.

As you being its owner or companion, your assistance or presence is important to them.

As much as the goodness that the dogs give to us, we should also return the favor to them by giving them the proper love, care, and more, which they truly also deserve to.

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