6 Good Reasons To Adopt A Senior Or Older Dog

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When you think of getting a pet, puppies may come to your mind first. Why not?

Because of their cuteness, high level of energy, and adorable actions, everyone loves them.

Not only that, but they will also give you the excitement of watching them grow and explore things around them.

However, how about adopting a senior or older dog?


You will find adopting a senior dog attractive if you are looking for a furry best friend with a lot of benefits.

When you adopt an older or senior dog, you can have a privilege to pick dog personality that can match your busy lifestyle.

You only need to bring home your new buddy, so no surprises or no growing pains are involved.

A lot of older dogs in the shelters are waiting for a new family. Most of them were loved and once owned.

But, for some reason, they became homeless. So, it’s time for you to give them a new home where they can feel care and love.

Be aware that when older dogs were dropped off at the shelter, there’s no assurance they will be adopted and have a happy life.

Some may be adopted, but most of them were not. That is, they are being overlooked in favor of cuter and younger dogs.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider adopting senior dogs. They need home and affection.

While puppies look lovely and adorable, there are plenty of reasons why adopting a senior or older dog is one of the best decisions you can ever make. 

1. You Can Save A Life 


Do you know how long do seniors’ dogs spend on pet adoption sites before they find homes? According to Dogtime, it is nearly four times. 

Once you open both your heart and home to a senior pet, you are saving his life.

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You are not only saving him from almost death, but you are also showing your new buddy that he is worthy of care, comfort, and affection during these twilight years.

Adopting a senior dog means that you are giving value to the beauty of life regardless of the stages and ages.

Be aware that most shelters are overcrowded. So, this may result in a scenario where older dogs are first to be euthanized.

So, you are being a hero and saving a life when you adopt an older dog.

2. Older Dogs Need Very Little Training or No Training At All 


If you have a busy schedule, then you may find it hard to focus on training a puppy.

Remember that puppies require more attention than older dogs. So, if you cannot use them full attention, it’s better to adopt a senior dog.

You can expect that senior dogs only require very little training, or they are already trained.

Most of these dogs used to love in other homes, and their previous pet parents trained them well.

Many senior dogs that end up in shelters usually have some training. This means that they only need to make few adjustments to the rhythms of their new pet parents’ household.

Not only that, but they are also well-socialized. You only need to give them time to adjust to their new environment completely.

In case it is your first to have a dog, and you do not have any idea on how you will train him, the best thing you can do is to adopt an older dog that is already trained.

That way, you can free yourself from frustrations. You can be the best dog parent even without the need to give all of the overwhelming attention and care that most puppies need.

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3. Instant Companionship 


Do you love attending different events? Do you find outdoor activities interesting? Do you love socializing?

If yes, then a senior dog is a perfect companion for you.

Many of the senior dogs are known to be very friendly. You do not need to train them that much for them to get along with people.

Unlike puppies that require a lot of socialization and training, older dogs can be your instant companion. 

You can have meaningful interactions with them since you do not need to allocate time for training.

They already know what does “treat” or “walk” means. You will have no trouble bringing them at the dog parks, beaches, and dog events because they already used to it.

All you need to do is to cuddle with them and enjoy their company.

4. Don’t Demand Too Much Attention and Care 


All dogs require physical activities. This will keep both their minds and bodies healthy. 

When compared to puppies or younger dogs, senior dogs need fewer exercises.

Even if it’s not playtime, puppies tend to be always on the go. Pet parents need to create their little furry friends when they are not home.

That way, these little buddies will not destroy anything or stay out of trouble.

Although they need fewer physical activities, older dogs still love having fun.

In their mature, they remain agile and active since they do not need so much exercise, a quick swim, a game of fetch, or a walk a day would be enough to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Older dogs are already contented settling in their favorites spot and be with their foster family.

Since they do not demand too much care and attention, they are perfect companions to those who are looking for a cuddle buddy and who is a bit more laid back.

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5. Eagerness to Learn New Tricks 


For sure, you will think that puppies have only the eagerness to learn new tricks. Well, older dogs are still part of the picture.

Keep in mind that regardless of the dog age, you can train them. When you adopt senior dogs, you are giving them a second chance to have a great life.

As a result, they will reward you with unconditional love and care. Not only that, but they will also do their best to please you. So, do not be surprised if teaching them new easy is very easy.

6. Senior Dogs Are Independent 


Although older dogs love to be by their pet parents’ side, they can still amuse themselves on their own. 

Senior dogs give you peace of mind that they can play safely without your supervision.

Unlike puppies, you will not see them shredding newspapers or chewing your favorite slippers.

You will end up smiling as you see them just sleeping in a cozy spot or happily chewing a bone.


Regardless of age, all dogs deserve to have a great life and a loving family. 

While puppies are cute and adorable, adopting senior dogs will give you a lot of benefits.

You do not need to experience frustrated when you see your puppy chewing items or make a would guess on how to train a little buddy properly.

With senior dogs, you will have an instant companion.

Plenty of senior dogs are waiting to have a second chance and experience the love and care they deserve.

So, as you plan to adopt a furry friend, do not hesitate to consider an older dog.

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