5 Ways Having A Dog Makes You More Attractive

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There is no need for dog lovers out there for another reason to buy or adopt a dog.

Sweet and friendly, having a pet dog can also make a person eye-catching and attractive. If you are having doubts, science proves it.

A team of experts led by Peter Grey, an anthropologist from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, tested some hypotheses concerning dogs and dating.

During the research, they discovered that 36 percent of males and 35 percent of females were more attracted to a person as they have a dog.

According to the research, 64% of females and 49% were more fascinated by somebody who adopted a rescue dog.

In contrast, 75 percent of females and 54 percent of males said they wouldn’t date a person who did not like pets, particularly dogs.


A renowned dating site also conducted a separate study, and they have discovered that dogs are overwhelmingly the sexiest pet a man could have, and girls are attracted to it.

So, what is the reason why having a pet, particularly a dog, makes you beautiful and attractive?

Well, there are many things concerning your personality, which has a dog that indicates or is a sign of having potential mates.

Below are the five ways of having a dog make you look attractive and gorgeous than a non-dog person.

You Become Familiar About Commitment and Dedication 


A pet takes time, patience, and a level of commitment that you are more than willing to work harder for what you care about.

The accountability and responsibility for training and taking good care of a dog are upon your shoulders.

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It does not matter how later you like to stay out at night as your pet wants you to come home, give him or her food, take him or her outside, and give him or her the attention and love they deserve.

In case you can bring that type of commitment and dedication in a relationship, it shows that you are a tenacious and loyal individual.

Having A Dog Makes You More Attractive And Turns You to Be a More Social Person


Another way of having a dog makes you attractive is that it changes you to become a social person.

Research conducted by Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine discovered that those firmly attached to their dogs also felt more connected to their relationships and communities.

A dog pressures you to become social. They do not wait for incitement and an invitation to introduce themselves to friends or neighborhoods as you stroll past or sniff other dogs or provide you fun, adventures, and stories to share with others around you.

On the other hand, dogs do not just give you a reason to talk to others. They also deliver you with things to chat about.

These results meet people you have never met otherwise, and you turn out to be an outgoing individual.

This also assists you to become open-minded and communicative in your relations.

This is very important in a relationship. It is considered the key to keeping a strong, romantic, and sweet partnership.

If you are a shy person and want to overcome it, then having a dog is a good solution for you.

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Having a Dog Makes a Person Healthier, Happier, as well as Look More Attractive.

Alaskan Malamute 2

Experts conducted research revealed that dogs could reduce or minimize the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety.

This also lessens heart attack and the occurrence of heart diseases, thus make you a healthier and happy person. These are two vital factors a person looking to his or her partner.

They also need daily work out or exercise, you mean you need to be active too with playtime and walks.

As dog owners, perhaps a bit of fresh air now and then would significantly help.

You are healthier, fit, and less pressured and stressed than having no pet at all in your life.

So, if you want to become healthy, have a dog now. This makes for extremely attractive features in a mate.

You, Will, Know What Empathy Is


A study conducted by Robert Poresky, a psychologist from Kansas State University, reveals that a connection or link between attachment to a dog and a high level of understanding and compassion.

A dog is great at reading our emotions, and they are aware of when to provide us with affection, comfort, and love.

They are also aware of when to share our feeling and happiness. The unconditional love they give to us is indeed one of the most excellent ways for human beings to learn how to show affection to others.

Having a dog helps you become better at reading nonverbal cues. You become a good listener, and you know to reply to the feeling of those around you.

In general, empathy and compassion make you better in handling a relationship, thus helping you become more attractive in your loved ones’ eyes.

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You Become Responsible and Know How to Take Care of Others

Golden Retriever 3

Dogs needs care, a lot of care indeed compared to other pets like a cat. Being good and responsible dog owners is a sign of responsibility, a feature that is likely to carry over into being a parent.

Mates, particularly women, according to the study conducted, search for a guy who would make a good provider and a good father as well.

Even when you do not plan to become a parent, being a caring individual who can put someone else’s needs s a vital and good feature.

Having a dog can show to future partners that you a responsible person and be considerate of his or her needs.

So, these are ways having a dog can make you look extra gorgeous and attractive. 

Do you have an idea of how having a dog can make you attractive? Why not share it with us? Comment your idea now!

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