12 Breeds Who Made Unexpected Friendships With Unusual Animals

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Dogs are not just human’s best friend. They can also make friendships with other animals.

Do you want to know the dog breeds who can make unexpected friendships with unusual animals?

Then, the following list will help you. With that, you can get friendly dogs that are truly cute and adorable.

1. Golden Retriever

Source – Isabella (Female Golden Retriever) and Three White Tiger Cubs from Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Ks

The Golden Retriever is a muscular dog and has a lustrous and dense coat of gold, which takes after its name.

It is a friendly breed that can easily make friendships with other animals like tigers.

It comes with short ears, intelligent eyes, and straight muzzle. This dog breed is trustworthy and perfect as a family dog.

They are lovable and easy to get with other animals. They are energetic and love outdoor play.

2. Labrador Retriever

Source – Meet Kumbali and Kago, a unique companionship between a cheetah cub and puppy!

Another friendly dog breed is the Labrador Retriever, which has a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years.

They usually have a hard and dense coat in black, yellow, and luscious chocolate. Labrador Retriever is famous for its friendliness.

These dogs are outgoing, active, and friendly, and can make friendships with cheetahs, chicken, and other unusual animals.

If you want a lovable and fun companion, this dog is for you. They are athletic and need exercise like a marathon, swimming, and other games to keep them mentally and physically fit.

3. Belgian Malinois


This breed is one of the world-class workers that can develop an unbreakable bond with their owner.

They are alert, hardworking, smart, and confident. Their life expectancy is about 14 to 16 years.

Originally, they are bred as family and farm protector. Belgian Malinois are naturally friendly, and they can be friends with an owl and other species.

They need plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy. Their coat colors are available in mahogany and rich fawn.

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They are among the most sought-after military dogs.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Also known as Gentle Giants, these friendly dogs are affectionate, alert, and intelligent breeds.

Bernese Mountain dogs are protective for family, kid-friendly, and friendly towards strangers.

They can easily bond with other animals like squirrels.

5. German Shepherd

Source – Tinni the German Shepherd and Sniffer the red fox

German Shepherd is among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their life expectancy is about 7 to 10 years.

They are brave, confident, and smart. It is a muscular, agile, and big dog with a noble character.

It is among the favorite breeds of dog lovers. They are great family dogs and can also develop friendships with other animals.

They are also great protectors when it comes to their loved ones.

6. Great Dane

Great Dane is known for its patient, friendly, and dependable personality. The life expectancy of this breed is about 7 to 10 years.

If you want a dog breed that is fun to be with, this dog is a good choice. They have a sweet, adorable personality, but they are also good and alert as home guardians.

They can make friends easily. The Great Dane is the English translation of French grand Danois, which means big Danish.

This dog has great strength, dignity, and elegance. They come with a well-formed, powerful, and smoothly muscled body.

7. American Staffordshire Terrier 


Popular as AmStaffs, this breed is confident, intelligent, and good-natured companions.

An American Staffordshire Terrier has a life expectance of 12 to 16 years. They are muscular dogs with abroad head, dark, and round eyes.

They are graceful and agile. This dog comes with a glossy and stiff coat that is available in different patterns and colors.

They are lovable dogs which make them perfect as family dogs. American Staffordshire Terrier is a highly trainable breed.

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This breed is observant of its surroundings.

8. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a smart, calm, and patient dog breed with a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years.

They have a thick coat and are powerful working dogs. Originally, they are bred to frighten predators in snowy mountaintops.

Today, this dog is the ideal guardians of family and home with a white with shades of reddish-brown, gray, badger, tan, or an all-white weatherproof coat.

With their gentle behavior, they can easily make friends with other animals.

They are also used as guardians for sheep as well as other livestock.

9. Akbash 

The Akbash is a smart, alert, and loyal breed. It is a rare purebred dog from Turkey, and their other names include Askbash and Akbas Coban Kopegi.

They are protective of their loved ones and comes with strong guarding instincts.

They have a big size, which makes them ideal for bigger homes with yards where they can roam around.

They are also great with kids and friendly with other animals. They may bark at strangers, but they are not aggressive towards them.

If you want a watchdog for your home, this breed can be a good choice. This dog is prone to weight gain, so you must give them enough exercise.

10. Australian Shepherd 

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The Australian Shepherd is an exuberant, work-oriented, and intelligent dog breed.

They have 12 to 15 years of life expectancy, and they are tough and lean ranch dog.

They are a medium-sized worker that has penetrating gaze and keen eyes. They are friendly and can be a perfect companion to other animals like cheetahs.

It can also develop a great bond with their owners.

11. Maremma Sheepdog 


This dog breed is a noble, big, and distinctive-looking dog with a bear-like head.

Maremma Sheepdog comes with strong jaws with a scissors bite. They have a black nose that turns slightly pink-brown as they age.

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They have small, pointed, and V-shaped ears. Their coat colors are available in a light yellow, markings of ivory or pale orange on the ears.

They are friendly and perfect as a companion dog. They are a brave, loyal, and determined dog that you can make as your guardian dog.

They are not overly outgoing, so you must train them to improve their socialization skills. It is not a dog breed for newbies.

12. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog has a reserved, independent, and loyal personality with a life expectancy of about 11 to 13 years.

Territorial and protective, this breed is also patient, intelligent, and loyal. They are among the best working dogs, as they are also adaptable and responsive.

They are friendly with kids and other animals. You must also be responsible for giving them proper exercise to prevent overweight. It is also a good family dog.

There we go, that is the list of the 12 breeds who made unexpected friendships with unusual animals.

Their friendliness is truly impressive that will make you love them. Having a friendly dog can give you fun and relaxation.

These dogs can easily develop an unbreakable bond with their owners.

Are you looking for a breed that is friendly and lovable? Well, you can choose from the breeds mentioned above.

They can be the best companion, especially if nobody is there for you. Meanwhile, to spend more time with your friendly dog, you must be responsible for providing their basic needs.

With that, they can enjoy a healthier and happier life. You must give them the right nutrition, proper exercise, and other needs.

In addition, you must also shower them with love, care, and attention that they deserve.

With that, you can enjoy yourself more with your lovable best friend.      

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