10 Things ONLY Shih Tzu Dog Owners will Understand

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10 Things ONLY Shih Tzu Dog Owners will Understand

You cannot deny that Shih Tzu is considered one of the cutest and most in-demand dog companions today.

Almost every home in the US and other countries has a pet, Shih Tzu.

The Shih Tzu, also known as a lion dog, is a toy dog with a non-shedding fur that comes in various colors.

The breed is assumed to have first came into existence in the seventeenth century, with origins as old as 10,000 years.

This breed of dog was initially raised for offering companionship to the royal family of China.

They are popular as a companion dog for apartment dwellers or allergy sufferers this day. 

Shih Tzu is recognizable by their playful and affectionate nature, which is more to their hypoallergenic coat.

The breed is believed to have first existed in China and is a descendant of unknown Tibetan breeds, the Pekingese and Lhasa Apso.


Shih Tzu is identified as a small breed of dog.

The suggested male and female measurements are 8 to 11 inches tall, with a weight of 9 to 16 pounds.

The disposition of Shih Tzu is well-known to be affectionate and playful though sometimes stubborn.

Typically, the breed trusting people they are not familiar with, and this plus their size can make then inappropriate as a guard dog.

Shih Tzu is ranked 70th as opposed to other dogs when trained to understand new obedience commands, and are not known to be high.

There are certain things that only Shih Tzu owner known about this breed of dog. Here they are:

1. You Can’t Refuse to Those Begging Eyes. 

As a Shih Tzu owner, you can never say no to those begging eyes; they will melt your hearts. This usually happens when you are eating your lunch.

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With regards to food, often, there’s no limit to how they can eat.

Provided that they see a meal, they will keep on begging you for some until they can no longer consume anymore.

This is one reason why Shih Tzu grows faster.

2. Wonderfully and Amazing Weird Sleeping Positions


I know that you’ve seen your Shih Tzu sleeping on her back with the four legs up.

This means your dog is submissive as well as feels vulnerable. With a crazy leg position, her stomach is exposed.

This weird sleeping position means she is laidback and very independent.

No matter the case, she is allowing you to know that she is 100 safe and comfortable.

3. Loves Swimming Like You


Shih Tzu doesn’t think twice to paddle his legs to swim. It is a nature that enables him to save himself in the event he falls into the water.

You will see that he will instantly stop paddling if you allow him out of the water.

4. Sleeping all through the day


Any Shih Tzu will agree that these puppies are great sleepers. It doesn’t matter if it is late or night, or at the end of the day, Shih Tzu loves to rest.

Often you may see him lying down to sleep while he is playing, walking, or engaging in any activity.

5. Full of Energy and Very Active all the time


Aside from great sleepers, Shih Tzu also plays hard. He could fall into a deep sleep and, after a few minutes, be tearing around your home, ready for roughhousing and playing.

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6. Love Gnawing


Chewing isn’t a massive issue for Shih Tzu and doesn’t need medical attention.

When teething, puppies chew on almost the whole thing, they see. But this doesn’t mean that you must allow your pet this way.

Give him teething toys and put him in a confined area to play with, particularly if you’re away.

7. They Love to Explore


Shih Tzu loves to explore. You might see him tangling himself up in a mantle, and only a couple of seconds later, he is moved towards tearing up your kid’s toy or your garments.

This is a frustrating behavior but funny as well. It is vital to train him to get rid of this bad behavior.

8. Share Bed with You


This is a known fact that almost Shih Tzu owners allow their pets to share a bed with them. This breed of dog is adorable and always wants to be with you all the time, even during sleep.

Maybe this is a good sign that he is safe when you are around, aside from the fact that they love your soft and warm bed.

9. No Other Breed of Dog Can Make You Feel Guilty by Only Turning His Head


Usually, this happens when you are about to leave him to go to your office.

You will be guilty of leaving him alone once he turns his head and sees those begging eyes that telling you, “please don’t leave.”

This inevitably melts your heart, right. So, make sure there is someone in the house to guide him.

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10. Your Dinner is Not Complete without Him on Your Side


As mentioned above, Shih Tzu loves to eat. So, he is always present during mealtime. You can give small pieces of food but, always keep in mind to be watchful of his diet to avoid obesity.

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