10 Secrets for Having a Happy Dog

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Different dog breeds have a unique set of characteristics. These characteristics can be used by their human parents to keep them happy and jolly.

If this is your first time to own a puppy, you are probably looking for some of the most effective ways to maintain their jolly personality.

Below are some of the different techniques to ensure the happiness and contentment of your furry friend remains the same.

10 Secrets for Having a Happy Dog Take Him for a Walk


Canines are naturally joyful. The first tip to make him happier and energetic is to take him for a walk.

Even though you have a large-sized yard that enables them to run throughout the day, nothing can replace the happiness of your furry friend when you walk with them.

To do so, consider unleashing them and take them to other places, such as natural parks, which enable them to encounter other dog breeds while jogging or walking.

Also, if you are an adventurous pawrent, you can take him for a hike so both of you will enjoy each other’s company.

Balanced Diet and Nutrition


Your pup must receive a premium balanced food. With that in mind, as a pawrent, you should look for a dog food that is rich in proteins and does not contain grain.

A food that is made with quality ingredients can help your puppy to maintain their happiness, health and live longer.

Give them Regular Check-Ups

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Another important thing is to take your furry friend to their vets to get checked regularly.

Ask the veterinarian about their behaviors, which are kinda stranger for you.

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Also, veterinarians will give you some pieces of advice on how you will keep the claws, ears, and coat of your dog well-groomed, functioning properly, and clean.

In addition to that, ensure that your canine gets the right vaccines, especially if you usually take them to the park to do some exercises.

Keep them Cool


Dogs are like humans. They need to feel fresh, particularly through the summertime.

If you are a responsible pet owner, giving your furry friend fresh water at all times is a must.

Also, ensure that they will get enough shade when outside. Of course, do not leave them in your car alone.

If you need something to buy, make sure to take them with you or ask your friend or relative to stay in the car with your pup.

Make them Feel Loved


Another natural characteristic of a dog that made them a man’s best friend is being affectionate.

So, it is also your responsibility, as the owner, so they will feel cared for and loved.

To do this, don’t forget to allot some time to hug and feed them even though you have a hectic work schedule.

A little cuddle time with them is enough to demonstrate how you cherish and appreciate them.

Give Him Some Self-Entertainment Options like Food Puzzles


Most pawrents who don’t have enough time to bond with their pets usually give them extra treats as a compensation offering.

But, it’s a common knowledge that this is not the best option. Many professional veterinarians claim that food puzzles are a great way to entertain your dogs.

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These food puzzles are toys you will hide into your dog’s food and encourage them to find it.

This kind of toy is considered to be interactive and helps to stimulate the mental health of your yappy.

This is a new method to entertain your canine as well as keep them pleased.

Give Them Good Hygiene


It’s natural for your dogs to roll around the bin your property. They don’t mind whether they become smelly or look dirty.

To maintain the happiness of your dog, make sure to give them good hygiene.

A smelly puppy usually does not get enough attention from their owners and other people.

A dog that is not being entertained or does not get attention from their owners usually shunned at the corner, making them unhappy.

Your dog needs to have well-trimmed nails, cleaned ears, and properly brushed coats.

But be sure to bathe them as recommended  as it can cause itchy and dry skin.

You only need to bathe them whenever they start to give you a yucky smell.

Give Them Their Social Needs

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Dogs are packed animals. They need companionship and attention from their pawrents and other animals.

A dog that receives minimal contact with their human parents feel sad and lonely. A happy dog always wants to receive belly rubs, and ear scritches.

Give Them Proper Exercise


Aside from giving your dog with proper nutrition, enough amount of exercise is also needed to maintain them physically and mentally fit.

Exercising can help to get rid of your dog’s unwanted behavior and keep them happy and active.

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If you are planning to take him for an exercise program, you should ask the vet first as different dog breeds have a different level of energy and exercise needs.

Provide Them With Clean and Fresh Water


Clean and freshwater is the most important and basic need that you should give to your dog.

See to it your dogs have a limitless, free access to water. Also, ensure that their water bowls are free from debris and properly washed.

If your dog stays outdoors, make sure to change their water bowls with clean water more frequently. A hydrated puppy is equal to a happy yappy.


Dogs are known to be friendly. That’s why they are considered to be a man’s best friend.

Your dog gives you joy and happiness when you feel tired and lonely. As an exchange, it is your responsibility to keep them happy and contented with your presence.

To live your life is the true meaning of happiness. Help your dog have an enjoyable and fulfilling life by following the tips mentioned above.

As mentioned, dogs are like humans. This means that the secret to having a happy yappy is partially similar to the secrets to being a happy individual.

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