10 Most Feminine Dog Breeds for Women and Men

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For aspiring pet owners, it’s difficult to find the right dog breed. The most feminine breeds will be your best bet. 

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 most feminine dog breeds for both men and women. 

1. Alaskan Malamute 


Known as a talking dog, Alaskan Malamute will be a great company for new and even seasoned pet owners.

Similar to your best friend, you can talk to an Alaskan Malamute anywhere and anytime. 

While they are one of the most feminine dog breeds, Alaskan Malamute does not do well in extreme heat.

They love the cold weather. They are strong and can even pull sleds. That’s not all!

They can cart freight and pack supplies, too. Unlike other breeds, they enjoy roaming and climbing. 

However, Alaskan Malamute does not like cats and other animals.

Also, they are reserved with strangers. But they can be trained. Any socialization drills will be helpful. 

2. Xoloitzcuintli


It’s probably your first time to hear Xoloitzcuintli. Known as Xolo, this matches the norm of feminine hairlessness. 

Unlike Alaskan Malamute, Xolo does not require regular shaving. It is a perfect breed for those who have a hectic schedule. 

Xolo is easy to maintain. There’s no hair and drooling. Usually, they come in three sizes, so the selection process will be seamless. 

Since there’s no shedding, this breed is hypo-allergenic. They are suitable for pet owners who suffer from any type of allergies. 

However, Xolo is a little high-strung. That means the breed can’t do well around other animals and children, too. 

Xolo is more likely to be aggressive. Any social training from an expert is worth it. 

3. Whippet 


Popular as the poor man’s greyhound, Whippet is another feminine dog breed. Although they are feminine, Whippet can be a racing breed. 

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They are calm and friendly. They are also ready for different indoor and outdoor activities. But expose them with any event at a young age to avoid problems in the future. 

Aside from an affectionate quality, the Whippet is easy to groom. They are naturally beautiful without complicated grooming. 

As a racing dog, this feminine dog breed is tolerant and friendly. Great for kids, strangers, and other pets, this fur-baby can complete your home. They rarely bark and are silent. 

Great in hot weather, Whippet cannot handle the extreme cold. 

4. Havanese


Another feminine dog for men and women is Havanese. They are adorable and are bred as a lap dog. So, don’t be surprised when they always want to be by your side. 

Havanese, however, don’t do well alone. They need your attention, care, and comfort.

If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time for these lovable breeds, you’re not ready to become a pet owner. 

If you’re looking for a little dog, Havanese might not meet your expectations. They are friends who also love to be with strangers. 

They don’t bark excessively, easy to train, and intelligent. What else? They are suitable for new dog owners. 

5. Doberman Pinscher


Yes, Doberman Pinscher is one of the most feminine dog breeds. Although they can be a large-sized dog, they can be graceful. 

Similar to traditional guard dogs, Doberman Pinschers can become aggressive. Before adopting one, make sure it comes from a reliable and trusted breeder. 

When properly trained, Doberman Pinscher is affectionate and loyal. They are intelligent, sensitive, and fun to train. They can also be a good watchdog. 

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Just like other feminine breeds in this list, Doberman Pinscher needs pack leader training and socialization. 

Known to be playful and energetic, Doberman Pinscher requires regular exercise. When walking your dog, you can shred a pound at the same time. 

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


Many pet owners have fallen in love with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because of their feminine qualities.

Like other breeds, they have inquisitive expression and a wagging tail that will change your mood and brighten your day. 

Known to have average energy levels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel doesn’t need much exercise. A few hours of playtime will do. 

Great for apartments, this feminine breed is also affectionate. They are outgoing and social

Here’s the challenge. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hates being alone. Avoid leaving them in a place for hours as they can be destructive and nuisance barkers. 

7. Chihuahua 


Chihuahua is another feminine dog. Unlike the others, they are sexy in their way. But they require a strong trainer to unleash this breed’s whole potential

What makes it different from others is that they don’t shed excessively. Plus, you can keep the short hair tidy and neat without a hard time. 

Chihuahua is intelligent and convenient to train. But as a pet owner, you have to be consistent in every drill you provide

Chihuahua is also perfect for new pet owners. 

However, they cannot adapt to an environment where temperature changes. Also, they are clingy and nervous. Proper training can make a big difference. 

8. Golden Retriever 


Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the US. It’s no surprise as their personality is irresistible. 

Unlike your best friend, Golden Retriever is more devoted. All they want is to please their pet owners wholeheartedly. 

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Folks also love the breed’s loving personality. They are caring and loyal. Good for other pets and kids, they are comfortable to train and smart. 

Because of their intelligent qualities, Golden Retriever can be a responsible service and guide dogs. 

Before, this breed was used for hunting. Today, their hunting ability remains in their veins. So, make sure to provide a large room for their exercise. 

9. Yorkshire Terrier 


Usually compared to a well-refined woman, Yorkshire Terrier has stunning silver tones. Many pet owners love their sassy spirit, too.  

As a strong-willed breed, Yorkshire Terrier needs a good trainer.

If you don’t know how to train a dog, rely on a certified and qualified professional for your peace of mind. 

While they are popular for a yapper reputation, Yorkshire doesn’t bark often. What else? They are perfect for small yards and apartments. 

When it comes to housetraining, you may encounter a hard time throughout the process.

Also, don’t forget to use a pee pad and other important materials. 

10. Siberian Husky 


You wouldn’t believe it. But Siberian Husky is also considered as a feminine dog breed by many.

If you haven’t seen a husky before, go to a pet shop. Find one, and you will be mesmerized with their soft coat, ice-blue eyes, and regal stance. 

Just like other large dogs, Husky is caring and friendly. They can do well with strangers and other pets with proper socialization training. 

More than a friendly personality, Husky is mischievous and independent. 


You probably have a choice by now. Whatever the breed in your mind, identify your needs beforehand. Then, the selection process will be risk-free and fun. 

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