This 10 Funny Dog Facts Will Surprise You

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Are you looking for funny dog facts or dog facts for kids; this page will help you learn dog facts that are interesting.

As a parent, you might be interested in facts about puppies. In this article, I would like to share information about amazing dog facts.

The best of facts about puppies for kids starts here.

Funny Dog Facts

1. Dog is as smart as your two-year-old child

  • Sometimes we notice that our young children are getting closer to dogs.
  • They have same intelligence level, that is why your child and dog are good friends.
  • Perhaps you had noticed that both understand same body language.
  • It is interesting that both know the same language.

2. Dog drinks the same way as cats do

Funny Dog Facts

  • This might be difficult to accept since puppies are supposed to drink in an untidy way.
  • Indeed they drink the same way as cats do. Simply like cats, dogs twist the tip of their tongue and bring fluid up to their mouths.

3. Dogs can sense time

Funny Dog Facts

  • Scientific studies had proven this fact that dog can feel how much time has passed.
  • If you think your dog knows it is time for walk or dinner, you are right.
  • Research has shown that dog behaves differently when it the time of your arrival and when it is not the time of your arrival.
  • We can simply start believing that dogs feel time.

4. Can puppies see in the dark? Yes they can


  • It is very interesting to know that dogs can see better than human at night/dark.
  • Probably you had noticed their eyes glow at night.
  • The mirror-like eye structure allows their retina to re-capture light entering the eyes.
  • Paul Miller (University of Wisconsin-Madison) says dogs can see better than us.
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5. Dogs don’t sweat from the whole body


  • Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat from all parts of the body.
  • Dogs have only one place in their whole body from where they sweat.
  • The only part dogs sweat from is their Paws.
  • Dogs have sweat glands just in their Paws. pads.

6. Symptoms of overheating in dogs


  • You will observe excessive panting
  • You will find their gums going red
  • Silva in the mouth will convert to thick
  • Sometimes sweating from the paw pads.

7- Dogs smells million times better than human


  • The brain size of a dog is smaller than human.
  • On the other hand, the part of the brain that controls smell is bigger in ratio to humans.
  • To every dog, every human being is distinguished by a unique scent.
  • It is impossible to cheat with a dog’s sense of smell.

8. Born deaf, the puppy can hear 5 times better than human


  • A puppy born deaf can hear 4-5 times as far as a human can hear.
  • Dogs can hear even more high pitched sounds ranging from 68 to 44KH.
  • Like humans, dogs hearing strength loose with growing age.
  • The anatomy of a dog’s ear is reported same as humans have by the scientists, however, their hearing capacity is very high as human beings.

9. Puppies know our feelings through smell


  • When we have a change in our feelings puppies can detect it.
  • They can feel a change in our scent which enables them to judge our mood.
  • Dogs can judge fear in human beings through smell.
  • Dogs can even know that a woman in the family is pregnant.
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10. Dogs change your Blood Pressure level


  • Research has shown that touching your dog lowers your blood pressure level.
  • On the other hand, it increases your blood pressure if you talk to your dog.
  • Dog petting also lowers your blood pressure level.
  • Touch matters the most regarding the change in blood pressure while you are with your dog.

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