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10 Dream Jobs for Dog Lovers


Is there a job that you can apply for that only requires your love and affection?

Well, finding that job might seem impossible. But if you are a dog lover -you will find one. 

Does it seem like it is too good to be true? Well, we are telling you it is– this is real.

To simply put, some people love their furry pet so much that they could make a career out of it.

Working on your dream job with your favorite animal is great and fulfilling.

It is like it is double the fun; you enjoy work at the same time you earn.

Here are the following dream jobs for every person who loves dogs:

Dream Jobs for Dog Lovers-Dog Photographer


If you have a passion for photography and you super love dogs, well-doing both of them can already be turned into your dream career.

Besides having an artistic eye, you should also do well in getting the dogsattention to get that striking pose.

Well, if you get the dogs to behave well during the photo shoot, the better. Unlike what others say about this newfound career, pet photography is in demand these days.

Many people are hiring this kind of service to advertise their products or services.

But most of all, people getting this service wanted to capture moments that they were with their fur friend. The average pay per hour for this job ranges from $17 or even more.

Dog Walker

Boxer Puppies Facts

This might be one of the classic jobs, but it got many perks that any dog lovers enjoy.

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One of which is that dogs will surround you at the same time, you also get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

You could again do this job while exercising, like going on a jog while you walk the dogs.

This might be an ordinary job to others, but a dog lover would not ever say that.

Although the pay isn’t that high, the fact that you get to enjoy dogs’ company is already worthwhile.

Doggy Day Care Worker

dog immune system 6

Cute lovely small dog wet in bathtub. Young woman owner getting her dog clean at home. white background

if you love getting surrounded by dogs, well, this is the career that you have been looking for.

Make sure that you got a lot of love and passion for looking out for these adorable puppies.

Well, for all the dog lovers, there is no doubt when it comes to loving dogs. Through this work, you will be spending several hours a day playing with the dogs, but the remaining days will meet the hygiene standards.

Cleaning is highly expected and required. You will also be feeding them and prevent them from fighting each other.

So, are you up for this fun yet challenging job? We bet you do.

Dog Behaviorist


If you are a self-proclaimed and certified dog lover, then this is another suitable career for you.

Also called a doggy psychologist, a dog behaviorist is someone whom you will seek for a piece of advice when one’s fur friend is behaving out of his normal character.

Like what a human psychologist does, they are the experts to help dogs about resource training, if they have separation anxiety issues and general training.

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There is a required certification for someone who wanted to become a dog behaviorist. For this career, you get to earn up to $40,000.

Doggy Spa Owner


Dog owners have their unique ways of reciprocating the love they get from their dogs.

Besides giving them yummy treats, a luxurious pet pampering day at a spa is new.

Depending on how unique your services can be, every dog owner would love to try it.

You didn’t just have your business successful; you get to help the world happy because of happy dogs.

Dog Trainer


If you have that calm nature and long patience, well, being a dog trainer can be your next career.

Having that calm and comfortable personality will help you get any dog to obey and follow your command.

But of course, training a dog isn’t that easy; you will have to focus first on how to solve any problem behaviors that they have.

Dog Yoga Instructor

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 2

If you love yoga and dogs, well, you might as well try this dream job. Who would have thought that copying your simple yoga poses would turn into a great career?

As a Dog Yoga or Doga instructor, you get to teach other dog owners how they and their fur friend will enjoy yoga.

Like you, you didn’t just earn around $32,000, but you get to be fit and bond with your pet. Isn’t that amazing?

Dog Sitter

Yorkshire Terrier 3

This is another chill but a dreamy job for every dog lover out there. You get paid while looking after other people’s dogs while they are on work or travel.

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Earning for up to $29,000, this is already a real-life job. And all you have to do is to chill and look after your fur friend. Isn’t that amazing?

Dog Fashion Designer


The fashion world isn’t just reserved for humans – fur friends are also welcome.

Pet fashion had become more popular these days. Well, every dog owner would love their fur friend to dress up and become as fabulous as them.

If you have the eye for fashion and are confident with their creation, then better complete your degree in fashion design and make fashionable clothes from our fur friends.



With love for dogs and other animals, there is no doubt some of us have dreamed of becoming a doctor of animals.

To have a day surrounded by lovable fur friends is already fulfilling; what more if you were able to cure them? These are the goals for all the dog lovers out there.

It is like this is the all-in-one dream job for all the dog lovers. If you have been dreaming of becoming a vet, don’t hesitate and go for it.

You will not just be able to help dogs, but you are also part of the bigger picture that help and cure animals.

There you have it – the ten dream jobs for dog lovers. While some of these jobs may be a common type of job, well, you can do things that will make it extraordinary and perhaps make it your real-life job.

Don’t just dream about working for any of the listed jobs above; find your way to achieve it. So, are you ready to make your dream job a reality?   

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