10 Best Lap Dogs for Cuddly Pet Owners

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Most pet owners think that pups, weighing between 5 to 75 lbs., are considered to be the best lap warmers.

There are still some dog breeds that are designed to provide a warm human companionship.

Are you a true cuddly pet owner? Are you looking for the best lap dogs you can take care of? Well, you are in the right place!

In this post, we will provide you with our top ten best lap dogs that are perfectly designed for the cuddly pet owners.

These dog breeds have been around for more than centuries and are designed to become a human companion.

Most of them are gentle, happy, calm, and very affectionate.

Above all these things, they can brighten up your day and remove your problems and tiredness after work by giving you the sweetest and warmest hug

So, read on to know further.

1. Boston terrier (Lap Dogs for Cuddly Pet Owners)


A Boston Terrier has the sweetest smile that can wipe away your sadness. It is the first dog breed found in the US.

It has an erect pair of ears with a compact and small body. Boston Terriers are known to be amiable and gentle.

That’s why this is a good family pet while giving you the best companionship. They are smart.

If you’re an active person, this is perfect for you since it requires regular exercise and minimal grooming.

2. English Toy Spaniel


As stated by the American Kennel Club, the English Toy Spaniels has the very affectionate and merry characteristic.

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It comes with four different varieties: King Charles, Ruby, King Charles, and Blenheim.

They are known to be a happy and gentle person. Just like the Boston Terrier, this is a good family pet.

Since they are small and compact, you can groom them easily and be taken in a small apartment conveniently. 

3. Papillon


The Papillon is originated in France and provided companionship to the European royalty.

This dog is very delicate. Even though they are small in size, they have an erect and large pair of ears with hair growing outwards.

Papillon is known for being affectionate, friendly, and intelligent.

This dog is very clingy and always wants to catch the attention of the people around him.

Despite being a laid-back and calm breed, this dog also requires regular exercise.

Make sure to groom them more frequently as their hair grows fast.

4. Bichon Frise


Bichon Frise is known for having a puffy white coat. This is a very cuddly breed designed for a cuddly pet parent.

It possesses a loving and friendly personality, making it sociable with the other dogs and its owners.

It can adapt to life in the city or country easily. 

5. Shih Tzu


During ancient times, Shih Tzu was taken care of by Chinese royalty because of being a lap warmer.

One can recognize this breed by looking at its straight and long fur. This is a good pet for young children.

Since they have short muzzles, this cute pup can develop respiratory problems and sneeze or snort more frequently.

If this happens, take him to the nearest clinic to be checked by a vet.

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6. Toy Poodle

Surprising Maltese Facts

Toy Poodle is designed to give companionship to its owners. But, it is also known for a good performer and mushroom hunter.

It is capable of getting along with other animals and children. They want to learn different tricks to impress their owners. 

7. Maltese


You can distinguish Maltese from the other breeds of the dog by looking at its black and round eyes with a body being covered by a white coat.

This dog breed is loving, confident, and playful.

You can use it as your watchdog as it barks to the other dogs and strangers roaming around your house.

If you live together with your younger niece, this dog breed is not for you.

To maintain its good looking coat, this dog requires more frequent grooming.

8. Havanese


During the 18th century, this dog breed is being taken care of by the wealthy Cuban families.

This is a delicate dog with a compact size that always love to be with their owners.

They love to catch your attention by performing new tricks. This is perfect for those living with young children.

It can also adapt to the way of living in the country and city easily.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3

This dog breed was named after King Charles II. This is one of the first dog breeds that are considered to be a good lap warmer.

Everyone will fall in love with this dog because of their pleasing personality.

Because of being a lap warmer, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered a good family dog.

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Like with the other breeds mentioned above, this one can also easily adapt to the city or country life.

To make sure that their coats are silky and soft, you need to groom it more frequently.

10. Cocker Spaniel


Cocker Spaniel is one of the dog breeds that has a pleasing and lovable personality.

They are fond of playing games and learning new tricks. Aside from that, they always want to be with their owners and other children.

This dog breed comes with different colors, including white, black, black and white, liver, and buff.

You might also see a Cocker Spaniel with freckles on their faces. This dog breed is susceptible to obesity and other related problems.

That’s why you need to provide them with enough exercise regularly.


Being a dog owner is just like having a human baby.

You need to provide them with the essentials to ensure that they are in good health and condition.

Are you looking for a lap dog breed that can give you the warmest cuddle while sitting on the couch and watching your favorite movie?

Well, you might consider the ten dog breeds we have mentioned above.

They are more than just a cuddly dog. They give you the companionship you can’t have with humans.

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